Raceolution 2011: Update

In my quest to find 1 race a month for 2011 I have nailed down the following races:

January- Coyote Hills 5k
February- Embarcadero 10k
Santa Cruz 1/2 Marathon
May- Bay to Breakers 12k
Santa Cruz Olympic Triathlon
Nike Women’s Half Marathon? (I have to get drawn first…)

As you can see I still have a LOT of months to fill!  I’m thinking about doing the KidStrong Turkey Trot 10k again, but that depends on whether I stay in Cali for Turkey or not…Its hard to plan that far ahead!

On another note…as I went to bed last night I realized: When I wake up in the morning, I will be one week from running a race…Perhaps I should start running.  I’ve been going to the gym all week, and Monday I ran 3.1 in about 27 minutes…I am a bit off my usual pace, but maybe I’ll just use next week’s race as a ‘kick-in-the-butt’.’  Le sigh.  And to think that just 3 months ago I was doing this:

2010-09-20 11.45.47 

Yikes.  I’m gonna need a few months to build back up to that again…:)

But after next week, I think the shortest race I currently have planned is a 10k. 

Aaaand…any recommendations for March?!  Or, anyone in Cali want to run a race with me in March?  I LOVE running buddies – or just knowing that people are running the race with me.  It inspires me to keep chuggin’ along.

Or anyone running one of the races I’ve posted above?!  If so, e-mail me at phdstrides@gmail.com  and we can talk about a meet-up (and possibly discuss running together, or training together if you’re in my area)!


6 thoughts on “Raceolution 2011: Update

    • I’m actually considering it! I might be in Chi-town then already. My only concern is 2 half marathons in 2 weeks…know if that would be good/bad for the soul (aka knees, legs, body)?

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