The lovely Melissa gave me one of her Stylish Blogger Awards.  And I’m mighty thankful to her for such an honor.


As part of the Stylish Blogger Award, I am to share 7 things about me you didn’t know.  So, here goes nothing…

7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me:

1. I love to ski.  Water ski, downhill ski, cross country ski…  My father had me on skis by the time I was 3, and I had my first accident when I was 4 1/2 – my sister skied over my face, and I had ten stitches on my chin.



See it?  Its still there…barely, but its there…I had a surgeon once offer to remove it for a smaller scar, but after 20 years with my scar, I’d miss it 🙂

2. I do not like squash.  I don’t like the texture, the flavor, the smell (the only exception is pumpkin)…I just don’t like it at all.  My mother has been trying to fee it to me for years, and I won’t have it.  After hearing other bloggers rave about butternut squash on their blogs, I bought a few cans of it, but I’ll be honest.  They’ve been sitting in my cupboard since I bought them: I’m afraid to open them and hate it.

3. I usually only clean my shower once a month.  I will spray it down 1-2 times a week, but I don’t get around to actually scrubbing it more than once a month.  I know that’s probably gross, but I figure 15-20 uses/month (I sometimes shower at the gym) doesn’t warrant cleaning EVERY week.  Maybe I’m wrong and will get some sort of bacterium/fungi, but I’m hopeful my “relatively clean” habits are good enough.

4. I like to go running, and then eat a cookie.  I feel like I’ve earned it – right?!  During my marathon training I joked that “for every hour I ran I got to eat for an hour” – I never fully followed through, but MAN after a long run can I eat 🙂

5. My favorite movie all-time is Newsies.  I can sing EVERY song, (“That’s my cigar…you’ll steal anudda.  Hey bruddas we got work to do…”) I know countless quotes, and you may not agree with me, but Spot Collins is was fiiiiiiiiine.


And the Brooklyn accent, omg, the Brooklyn accent!!  Sign me up 😉  (Sorry Mr. K)

6. I watch trashy TV while I do homework.  Maybe it slows down my speed at homework, but I sometimes really need a good laugh to keep me going.  I usually choose from from “Real Housewives of __(insert your favorite city here)___” and “Millionaire Matchmaker,” but on really dreadful homework days, I’ll even throw on “Jersey Shore” or “The Bachelor(ette).”  Its the little joys and pleasures (giving much thanks I am NOT one of the people on those shows) that get me through really bad homework days.

7. I used to dread running, a lot.  When I played soccer & cross-country skied we would run for training at the beginning of practice, in the off-season and just to get more endurance.  I would literally drag my feet to practice on the days we had long runs.  And I would always choose the “short” long run.  Just saying: I thought running was the DEVIL.  But, once a doctor told me “if you run, you’ll probably have arthritis by the time you’re 25, and you should never run a marathon – you probably won’t be able to” after both of my knee surgeries (ACL repair & then arthroscopic surgery on my right knee in ‘02 and ‘05), it was a direct challenge to me.  So, what did I do?  I started loving running – and in October, I ran my first marathon.  Take that, Doc 😉


Thanks again to Melissa for the lovely award!  Since I now apparently hold the power to give the Stylish Blogger Award to a few lovely bloggers (not including Melissa, though I would give it back ;)) they would be (in no particular order):

1. Julia

2. Eden

3. Kari

4. Janetha

5. Andi

6. Melissa

7. Rebecca

8. Carrie

9. Stephanie

10. Liz

11. Jessie

Love you ladies – you all inspire me and make my life a brighter (and more stylish ;)) place (yes, my life is a place).


8 thoughts on “Stylin’

  1. Newsies is the bestttttttttttt! My college roommate and I used to have “Newsies nights” and stay in and sing all the songs and drink wine.

  2. I agree about the scar thing…I have one from having my appendix out that is larger than normal (because I got an infection after surgery) that my doc mentioned a few years ago. I used to be so ashamed of it, but I have come to embrace it and I definitely would feel weird not having it anymore.

    I LOVE newsies! And crappy reality TV.

  3. I did this one early yesterday morning! great minds think alike, right?

    and I am so with you on the shower thing … I have one of those daily sprays I use, but don’t clean it as often as I should. I figure any bad bugs I could get, I’d already have from working in a hospital. 😉

  4. Thanks for the tag 🙂 I’m so with you on the trashy TV. Sometimes after an episode of Real Housewives or Millionaire matchmaker I wonder if I made myself stupider.

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