Red Rocks

Yesterday morning, Kat & I were going to go workout, before realizing that the keys were locked in the car.  Though I was bummed I wasn’t going to get my workout on, it ended up being good in the long run.

I met up with my cousin Laura, who recently moved to Denver, and we went out for a nice light lunch before we decided we needed to enjoy the gorgeous 54 degree weather Denver had yesterday.

We decided to check out Red Rocks trails & amphitheater as neither of us had ever been there before with her dog, Cody.  And, as soon as we got there, I knew it was an excellent way to spend the afternoon.


We walked along the 1.4 mile trading post trail.


And experienced lots of wind…

008 009

And then we made the climb up to the amphitheater.  I would LOVE to attend a concert here.  (Apparently they do boot camp workouts too…on the stairs.  NO THANK YOU!)

010 012  015

Afterward, I was exhausted (elevation takes it out of you), and was really happy I hadn’t worked out that morning or I wouldn’t have made it ;)  Red Rocks was beautiful, and I would love to go back someday to check out the other trails they have (the have another 6.8 mile loop – but it was just too far to go for an afternoon hike).

Have you been hiking in Denver/Boulder area?!  Where are you favorite spots?  I’m planning on coming back to the area of the summer, and would love some recommendations!


Now its ECONOMICON (aka American Economic Association conference) time in Denver!  Quite excited to go be a super econ nerd for a few days 😉

5 thoughts on “Red Rocks

  1. looks like a great time! and gorgeous scenery, too. I’ve never been to Denver, but my aunt and uncle used to live there. it’s definitely on my list of places to go.

    happy conference 🙂

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