A Foodzie Tasting Box

Just in time for Black Friday, I was given the opportunity to host a give-away for two readers and also receive a  complementary delectable Tasting Box from Foodzie for myself.

After a bit of finagling the details with Foodzie, I finally received my December tasting box in Minnesota on December 26th…the night my stomach flu hit.  But since I was super excited about the Foodzie Tasting Box, and the awesome items held within (though I admit, I couldn’t really eat most of it myself – Mr. K definitely benefited from this one).

It arrived nicely packaged in the box.

001 002

Seriously, props for packaging!

And it contained the following:

042 043

A Square One Brownie & Effie’s Oatcakes.

045 046

Amella Cocoa Butter Caramels Passion Fruit & Madecasse Chocolate

047 048

Gary West Steak Strips & Salts from the Spice Lab.

Seriously, the salts are probably my favorite part.  Lava salt?!  Himalayan Salt?!  Yes, Please!

050 051

I’m excited to use the fancy salt packets I got in the weeks to come (especially during my bean-a-thon — which, stay tuned as it will begin mid-January as I’m finalizing the recipe list as we speak!), but the rest of it I gave to Mr. K.

*Updated: I just got his full reviews this morning!*

Mr. K’s review of his portion of the tasting box:

The Square One brownie was “too dry, but tasted really rich and good. I would eat it again over other packaged brownies.” (I think the box took a lot longer to find me during the holidays, and then a few more days before I regifted the foods to Mr. K).  And the Madecasse chocolates? “A nice chocolate. Nothing spectacular, but good.”  And once I told him the story of the chocolates (I learned about them at Food Buzz Festival), and the fact that they are entirely produced in Madagascar, he liked them a little bit more, I think 😉

How about the Gary West Steak Strip?  It was “Delicious! I usually don’t like beef jerky, too salty and almost like chewing gum but this was really good. a bit smoky, a bit sweet, quite good! I would eat it again.”   Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes also made the cut! They were “really good!  They are nice and crunchy/crumbly, the thickness was nice in the mouth (pretty thin, flat rectangles) with good grain flavors that had some of the sweetness of oats, and they had a perfect dusting of salt to give just a bit of saltiness.”  Last but not least, Mr. K tried the Annella passionfruit cocoa butter caramels.  He declared they were “soft and chewy with good caramel and chocolate flavors.  It had a nice hint of passion fruit (not my favorite flavor at all) which would be really good to me in others.”

Thanks Mr. K for your fabulous reviews!  I couldn’t have done it better myself 😉

So, with that update, I’d say the Tasting Box is getting a rave review – and for $19.99 a box, I might have to give a few for a gift next Christmas (you know, planning just a little ahead for the holidays ;))  If you are thinking about trying one out, go on over to Foodzie and check it, and their other great offerings, out!

How is your new year starting out?! I’m starting mine out in Denver for a conference and then its back the books.  I’m also working on filling in my Raceolution calendar with races and finalizing the Bean-a-thon recipe and posting date list!  I am so excited for this year already, and its barely started 🙂


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