If you’re Norwegian, you know exactly where this post is going.  If not, jump on board.

First things first, Mr. K & I spent Tuesday (his last day in the Sota) lazing around.  For breakfast we made cinnamon & pear french toast.  In the early afternoon we got off our bootays to finish some last minute Xmas shopping, grab lunch & see Black Swan (which, btw, is incredible).

For lunch we hit up Granite City @ Rosedale Mall.  I was quite surprised by the menu and Granite City brews they offered.  So, Mr. K and I decided to split an order of waffle fries (which were amazing – its so incredible how much seasoning salt can do to such a simple food item) to split.


Then I got the Asian Chicken Salad sans wonton strips & Mr. K got some delicious looking type of a burger.  I couldn’t try it, but it looked amazinggg!


We also opted to split a pitcher of Granite City Batch 1000 Double IPA, as pitchers were on a lunch special of $6/pitcher.  It would’ve been a sin to pass that up, I’m pretty sure.  So I had a beer & a little more with lunch.

032  034

Overall I really enjoyed Granite City, especially their lunch specials – it made for a reasonable lunch out.  I also love microbreweries and the fact that they brew all their beer at each restaurant.  I would definitely hit it up again if we had one in Cali – or maybe I might return on another trip to Minnesota.

After, we hit up AMC Rosedale with my AMC gift card (thank you Chase Rewards!), but were lucky that we went to a matinee and surprisingly scored $5 tickets!  I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie for $5 each.  Ridiculous, but amazing!

Post movie, we headed back to my parent’s house for dinner & krumkakes!  Since dinner was good, but nothin’ to call home about, let’s skip to the point of this post.  Krumkakes.

First we heated the iron over the stove.

P1010584 P1010587

Then we mixed up the batter.  First, we beat the eggs & added the sugar.P1010589 P1010591

Then we melted the butter & added it to the mixture, then the flour.

P1010592 P1010594

P1010593  P1010595

Once the batter was ready, the cookin’ began:

P1010598 P1010600

Once lightly browned, we removed the krumkakes and rolled into a cone.P1010602 P1010603 P1010604  P1010606

In action…


Krumkakes (makes about 20)

*note: these are not dairy-free

  • 3 well-beaten eggs
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter

After beating the eggs, and sugar to the eggs & beat.  Melt butter and add to the mixture.  Then add the flour.   

For variation: add 1 tsp lemon extract or almond & vanilla extract. 

Heat krumkakes iron over the stove until heated through – until the water makes a sizzling sound when flicked onto the iron..  Pour a heaping tablespoon onto the iron and close.  Keep heat at about medium.  After 30 seconds to a minute, when lightly browned, flip the iron.  Then, cook for an additional 30 seconds to a minute until lightly browned.  Remove with a knife or a frosting spatula.  Remove from iron and roll into a cone immediately (before it cools).  Hold in place until it holds it shape.  Cool on a cookie sheet or wire rack.

They can be filled with a creme or jellys, but my family has always preferred to eat them plain :) 


What cookies does your family make for the holidays?!  We make krumkakes, pinwheels, kiss cookies, ginger snaps and spritz.  Kiss cookies are probably my favs, though 🙂


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