On the Mountains in Minnesota

On Monday, Mr. K joined my family and I on the slopes of one of the biggest mountains hills in Minnesota, Welch Village.  For those of you in the Metro Twin Cities area, you know it as the best (I may be a little biased here) ski areas in the cities – and one of probably the top five in the state.

I grew up on the hill – my pops has been a ski patrol there for 44 years (and I’m not 44 :)), and so since I was three years old, he strapped a pair o skis onto my feet and has been sending me down the hill.  He even thought it was wise for a 4 year old (me) and an 8 year old (my sister) to hit the slopes of Grand Targhee, Wyoming by ourselves…this turned out to be quite the unwise adventure as yours truly ended up in the ER with 10 stitches in her face.  How?  Why, my sister skied over my face, of course!

Its hard to believe that was 20 years ago…

So, I took Mr. K on his second ski adventure ever, to share with him a little bit more of my life.  So, to the slopes we went.

Mr. K’s wicked skiin’ ability (seriously, he was awesome for his second time out!):

P1010573P1010563 P1010567P1010570P1010564 P1010569P1010571P1010565 P1010572  

Me and Poppa PhD Strides.


It was the perfect day – not too crowded, and fresh powder :)  Don’t get too many days of skiing like this in the Sota!!

Après ski, we headed back to the house and Mr. K and I embarked on a cooking adventure for my family.  While I’m looking for the photos (I’ve been using like 7 different cameras since I’ve been home), I’ll entice you with the menu: 

Cabbage & Apple Soup
Curry Mustard Pork Tenderloin
Salad with Blackberry Ginger Vinaigrette
Quinoa Bread & Rhubarb Bread
Hot Spiced Wine

What are your holiday traditions?!  Mine is having it in MN with the fam – I’ve only been gone two times in my 24 years from Minnesota.  Once was in 10th grade when I was in Costa Rica with Scouts, and the other time was two years ago when I had to work Xmas & Xmas day (with no overtime/extra vacation) and couldn’t get out of Chicago.

We used to hear the Xmas story from my G-pa, but now my mom does your favorite/a meaningful poem/story/something along those lines on Xmas eve before opening presents under the tree.  And then Xmas day Santa comes (yes, he still comes after 24 years).

Also, my adorable 10 month old niece is coming tonight!  I’m planning on taking some of the world’s most incredibly cute photos to share with ya’ll.  No bias here.


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