A Tasty Little Village

Apologies for my absence, but Mr. K came to visit, and since I don’t get to see him often, my priority was to spend quality time with him and my family.  As such, I participated in a a little blog neglect (thanks for the terminology Julia!) and am here to now rectify my bad treatment of the blog.

What started out as a rough trip (his train was delayed FOUR hours out of Chicago due to doors frozen shut), and so he didn’t get in until the weeeeee hours of Sunday morning – aka 2:30am, when he was supposed to get in around 10:30pm Saturday night.  My two second complaint: Amtrak, your customer service and communication skills are SERIOUSLY lacking. 

Moving on.

Sunday was spent sleeping in and relaxing, with some delicious omelets ala Poppa PhD Strides.

Minnesota Xmas

Then Mr. K and I went to a Choral concert at Wayzata Community College with my fam, before returning to the house and embarking on a sweet adventure:

The Edible Village (aka Gingerbread Village)!

Minnesota Xmas1

We dubbed our village the slums of some big city after realizing our decorating skills were…lackin’.  We tried to stack two to create some apartment slums, but the gingerbread company outsmarted us and made the houses different sizes.  It was a sad realization 😉

After that it was a delicious dinner with the fam, and then an eaaarly night to sleep because Monday brought adventures in the great outdoors (aka Mr. K’s second time skiing).

Hope you all had wonderful weekends and that you’re enjoying the holiday season!  I know I am – we have about 36” of snow on the ground here in Minnesnowta!


One thought on “A Tasty Little Village

  1. Don’t make me call the DBW on ya 😉
    I love your cute little “slum” of gingerbread houses!
    Holy snow batman, 36″! Tyler and I will be in your neck of the woods come Friday, but only for about an hour – lets hope and pray that the snow doesn’t slow the planes down.

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