New Orleans (Part 1): Who Dat?!

Thursday night I left the mild climate of the Bay Area in California to begin my whirlwhind tour of the Western half the US.  I began my journey in New Orleans, which is truly unlike any other place I have ever been.

One of my besties from college, KoKo (nickname) moved down to NoLa a year and a half ago to teach.  I hadn’t had the chance to visit her due to a job that didn’t allow time for vacations, and a limited money supply (hello, grad student!).

However, when I was planning my break from school, I found a ticket to NoLa for $5 + 12,000 miles on American.  I jumped at the chance to visit her (and spend a little more time in the mild weather before heading north to the frozen tundra).

We spent our weekend doing all things NoLa.  We started with a trip to the French quarter to see the cathedral, street musicians, Faulkner house (and bookstore) and eat lunch at the Green Goddess (where I had a devine Duck Confit salad):

IMG_20101210_115358 IMG_20101210_115611IMG_20101210_115756 IMG_20101210_130920IMG_20101210_120332IMG_20101210_120320 IMG_20101210_120953

(Apparently New Orleans is famous for Huge Ass Beers – and To-Go cups.)

The we headed to the city park sculpture garden:


After which we headed back to the apartment for some New Orleans beer & some Rock-N-Sake:

004 005 009 012

After which, we headed back to the French Quarter to hit up the Spotted Cat and Soul Rebels at the Blue Nile:

021 031 025

Though we weren’t planning on staying out late (as I was – and still am – catching up on sleep from finals), we ended up out until about 3am, but it was totally worth it!  Soul Rebels was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend!!!

And now, I’m blogging to you from NoLa airport, where I am currently stranded for another 6 1/2 hours…as my flight was overbooked and they offered me two round trip flights to go from the 10:10am flight to 6pm flight.  Thank you Minnesota blizzard over the weekend which caused the Metrodome to collapse.


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