Where’s the Snow?!

I moved to California just a few months ago in August, and I was seriously excited for the warmer winters.  Now, while I love the fact I don’t freeze at the bus stop or have to wear a down coat, long underwear, scarves, hats, mittens and big furry boots, I miss the whiteness.  I miss the beauty that is winter.  I miss the view from my childhood bedroom window:


I took that last year when I was home for Christmas.  So beautiful, and I miss it so – apparently they had 6-10 inches of powder snow last night, so I imagine my view would’ve been very similar.

But instead i get dreary, rainy 50-60 degree weather.  At least I don’t want to be outside, I guess?!  Since I”m stuck inside studying for finals…

Speaking of which…MORE STOCHASTIC DYNAMIC PRORAMMING.  Back to the books.

Good luck to all of you who are coming to the end of the school term and have finals/papers – you can do it 🙂


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