Day After Black Friday Savings & Giveaway Winners!

So I opted out of Black Friday, because I hate the hoards of people at the malls, long lines and being frustrated that something isn’t in stock.  Instead, I waited a day, and after Body Pump this morning (which was AWESOME), I hit up the mall: Kohl’s & Macy’s to be exact.  I got some great goods.

My Easy Tone Shoes by Reebok (I’ve had my eyes on them for weeks…).


And a mid-weight water & wind resistant jacket by Free Country (with a removable hood – which was key) for the mild winter weather here in California, since all I had was heavy down coats & pea coats, and light weight fall jackets.


(Apologies for the photo quality.  My camera is dead and I can’t locate the charger…the downside of cleaning your apartment ;))

I’m in love.  With both my shoes & jacket.  (and in the background you can see a glimpse of my curtains that I bought as a divider for the shoebox I live in!!!  I love IKEA)

I also scored some sweaters from the clearance rack at Macy’s and on a 2-for-1 deal.  All in all I spent under $150, which is less than the regular price of the shoes & jacket combined.  I was pleased.  The sweaters & jackets were things I needed, and the shoes were a bonus – and I waited until they were on sale.  As a graduate student, watching $150 go out the window was hard, but I have a wardrobe made for really really cold winters & really hot summers – and all the inbetween weather has required some revamping.

And because I know you’ve all been waiting for this.  After using the Random Number Generator, I have two winners of Foodzie Tasting Boxes:

Comment # 3: Katy: “I am thankful for having friends to spend thanksgiving with when I can’t go home for the holiday.”

Comment #2: Kari: “I’m thankful that my family is close by and I don’t have to wait for the holidays to see them :)

Congratulations Katy & Kari!  I’ll be sending your e-mail addresses onto Foodzie, and they should be in contact with your shortly about your Tasting Boxes!!!


And with that, I’m off to study study study!!!!  Classes finish this week and Finals will be complete in just 11 days – zomg.  And on that note.  Study time.


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