Happy Fakesgiving!

Sunday was Fakesgiving Day here in California – or at least for our department, and friends of our department.  It involved everything Thanksgiving involved, except it didn’t fall on Thanksgiving, ergo Fakesgiving.

Turkey, ala Maggie.


And copious amounts of food.


My contributions to the food table.

Green Beans & Almond Slivers


And my sweet potato casserole.  Pure heaven.  And my favorite food in the world.  Hands down.


And people eating the food…  Very happy people :)  076

Who soon after…went into food comas.

My portion.


Times two.  Or three.  What?!  It was FAKESGIVING!!!

I also had a beer, a la Brewery Kat.


Smashing Pumpkin Ale.  It was a hit!  Way to go home brew!

And then, there were desserts…Oh, were there desserts!


Homemade cinnamon icecream.  I didn’t try any (obvs) but I heard it was quite the hit!   085

My vegan pecan pie.  It was a fail (it didn’t solidify), but it still tasted good.  I won’t share this recipe since it flopped, but hopefully my pecan pie for REAL Thanksgiving turns out.  Stay tuned (if it does) for the recipe!


Vegan Mud Pie.  I didn’t make this but it was good.  Really good.  But I could only have a bite, cuz it was sooo rich. 087

There were seriously enough desserts to go around 10 fold.  And food as well.  It was ridiculous…ridiculously good!

And on that note I’m ready for Turkey Day #2 (today, on real Thanksgiving) but I’m a little nervous – I’m cooking the turkey today!  Wish me luck – and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!


What are you thankful for?!  The love and support I get from friends, family & Mr. K who are all 2,000 miles away.  The opportunity I was given (and earned) to work towards my PhD, and the wonderful people & friends I now have in sunny Cali.  Each and every one of my readers and fellow food bloggers (I write first because I want to, but your comments, suggestions, and stories keep me coming back – as regularly as my PhD studies allow).  The strength to run – especially to run 26.2 this year!!! – and stay fit, with little to no pain in my knee.  The chance to live life to its fullest, which I try hard to do everyday.


And on that note, I’m currently running a Turkey Trot 10k – The Amazing Race run by Kids Strong in Mountain View, California!!!  And its for a good cause — “Because cancer never takes a holiday, this Thanksgiving Day 2010 kidsSTRONG will launch its Amazing Race series in Silicon Valley, California honoring all children and families touched by cancer”!!!  See you at the finish line – with a race recap, and then the saga of my first turkey making experience in California!! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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