HP7P1 & A Trip to Saturn

Friday post-exam, a group of us went to HP7P1.  If you don’t know what that is, well…you probably should since its been highly anticipated, there were lines around the blocks at movie theaters not for tickets – but for GOOD seats and well it was epic…and now I have to wait 6 months for the conclusion.  Major fail WB.  (Alright, alright, its Harry Potter 7, Part 1.)


In my opinion, it was an AWESOME movie.  And I’m super excited for part 2.  HOWEVER, I am not one to compare books to movies, and vice versa.  Because 99% of the time they’re different (they have to be), and as long as the main part of the storyline is there.  I’m okay with it.  Like, for example, if Harry Potter were to die in the book and it WASN’T in the movie, I would have a problem with that.  However, if Harry Potter went to the store to get something he used later, and he just somehow acquired said item in the movie without going to the store, I’d be okay with that.  Anyways, if you’re a HP fan – GO SEE IT.  its worth seeing in the movies.

Moving on.

Saturday was uber productive.  I did about a month’s worth of laundry in the morning, followed by cleaning my apartment like mad (which now looks just as messy as I’m starting to cook for my two turkey feasts this week and I have my non-dryer laundry all over the place).  And then I had Kat come over to help me use my own power drill (after fiascos at my two Chicago apartments in 2008 and 2009, respectively, which involved massive holes in walls and plaster falling into the wall… I have revoked my own rights to utilize my own drill.).  I put up a divide for my wee little apartment, that I’m really excited about, however until I make one last trip to IKEA this coming weekend, it won’t be quite complete.

Then, after all that (yes, it was productive I tell you!) I headed to SPACE with Kat & Curtis.  And by space, I mean a vegetarian and vegan HEAVEN called Saturn Cafe.  They had a Groupon for it a while back, and we have a handful between the three of us.  I took one look at the menu, and practically ordered everything they had.

VEGAN pumpkin pancakes
VEGAN nachos
VEGAN creamy tomato soup
VEGAN ice cream

After much hemming and hawing, I opted for the Guacamole Burger, which was a veggie burger with guacamole.  Which I ordered sans bun, so I could indulge in the steak fries without too much food 🙂


And the three of us also shared a VEGAN nacho. 

1412 1416

So good.  Kat & Curtis each had the taquitos.  Which are apparently a quite popular item, and I might have to try next time.  I also had a Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery IPA.  Delight.

The food…once we got it…was incredible.  I loved being able to order everything dairy-free without having to worry about pissing off a waiter or chef – and I loved that at least half the menu was vegan, the rest was vegetarian, and there were a large portion of the vegetarian items that were veganizable upon request.

My one problem with my first experience?  The service.  We sat down, waiting about 10 minutes or so before our waiter showed her face.  Then we waited about 30-40 minutes before we were able to flag down a different waitress to ask about our vegan nacho APPETIZER.  About 5 minutes later the nachos appeared, and about 10 minutes after that our meals appeared.  And the service just kept being not good.  Once we were finished, it took us about another 20 minutes to get the check, and we had to ask for it…even though it was clear we were done (she brought us a box for leftovers…)  All in all, it took us TWO hours to get in and out of what is usually a 45 minute dinner place.  It was ridiculous.  Luckily, the food was good, so I will be going back.  Probably for brunch.  I was vegan pancakes. But if I ever have that waiter again, I might ask to be seated in a different section.  Unacceptable.

Question for discussion: I saw these (see below) the other day in the Santa Cruz Sock Shop.  Does it make socks + sandals acceptable or is it still a no-no?!



6 thoughts on “HP7P1 & A Trip to Saturn

  1. This post makes me feel nostalgic for living in Santa Cruz! My favorite thing at Saturn Cafe was the Mini Madness — it’s a fudge brownie sundae thing that is just pure glory.

    Oh, and re: those split toe socks, don’t go there! Living in SC will warp your fashion sense if you live there long enough, and then you’ll go out in the real world and wonder why everyone’s looking at you funny. Not that I’d know anything about that.

    • don’t worry, i won’t go there!! i was just…curious if people actually wore them 🙂 and Saturn was delicious, just disappointed in the service 🙂 but i’m going back. pumpkin vegan pancakes?! I’m SO there 🙂

  2. Those are total hippie socks! LOL I’m going to go ahead and say that socks and sandals are only ok in the comfort of your own home. Or if you’re my dad and you wear thick chunky socks and Birkenstock sandals, and I’m pretty sure he is the only one that pulls that look off 🙂
    And that restaurant sounds delish, minus the service. Can we plan a date for there next time I come visit you?

    • hahaha. yeah i don’t plan on wearing them…but i was curious 🙂

      and we can DEFINITELY plan a date there. the food is awesome. its a total veggie/vegan haven. (though not necessarily all that healthy :))

  3. Saturn Cafe is seriously awesome! I definitely bought that Groupon a few weeks ago and had a really delicious soup, salad and sandwich trio! And yes I agree do not buy the socks haha even though it’s pretty cold here now!

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