Dinner with Friends!

Saturday, Mr. K spent the day brewin’ with the boys, while I spent the day gallivanting around Chicago with the girls.  After a tour of Chicago, including lunch at Hackney’s.  Where I had the half turkey club and apple pecan salad.


Hackeny’s. is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago for a good home-style meal.  Its hearty, delicious and always hits the spot (and I can make it healthy when I try :))

Then we ventured on to Argo Tea, after spending a good hour at the top of the Harold Washington library – it was beautiful, and a fun way to spend the afternoon with the girls.

Post tour of Chicago, we ventured back to Mr. K’s place, where Mr. K and I prepared dinner for our friends.

On the menu?  My famous Green Apple Wasabi Salmon, rice, carrot ginger dressing, and a salad.  Paired with a few bottles of wine…

First, we had appetizers.  Pita chips & veggies paired with homemade hummus, ala Mr. K.


The salad. 125

The dinner spread.


My portion. 131

What I love most about the Green Apple Wasabi Salmon is the combination of sweet, salty and savor you.  The three S’s!  Its flavors you wouldn’t imagine going well together, but that mix quite favorably.

A little later we broke out the Rock Band 🙂135

(fyi.  not Mr. K)

All in all, in was a great day and night spent with friends, filled with wonderful company, delicious food and decadent wine.

I truly love Chicago, and have left a large chunk of my heart there.  Sunday morning was a lazy morning.  Mr. K and I got up late, ate breakfast, and then packed/played Lego Harry Potter until it was time for me to head to the airport.  Back to reality, where I am now studying for a midterm Friday morning…


6 thoughts on “Dinner with Friends!

    • Lew, they’re actually my boyfriend’s (someday i will have some of my own), but they are Progressive International Silicone Mitts and they have magnets in them so they can stick to ovens/fridges. they’re fabulous and work like magic — i’ve never burned/felt too much heat through them, and they don’t melt! (yes, i’m a big fan of them :)) hope your weekend is fabulous!

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