After Dark: Chagall American Windows

Friday night in Chicago, Mr. K and I headed to the Art Institute of Chicago for their After Dark event featuring the newly reinstated Chagall American Windows.

I indulged in a glass of wine & some popcorn before we visited the windows.


And enjoyed the vibe of the place – totally different feel for an Art Institute!  I enjoyed it.  It was young, hip and cultural.


Then, we went to the Chagall American Windows.  And, I’ll just let them speak for themselves.  I can’t describe in words their beauty.

 103 106 108 110 112

They left me a little breathless.  And we definitely just stood in front of them for about a solid 20 minutes.  B-e-a-utiful.

The Chagall American Windows were featured in the Art Institute of Chicago in what movie?  Perhaps the photo below will give you a hint…  If you guess it, you win major props in my book (I will admit, Mr. K had to help me out with a trip down memory lane…:))115


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