A Night on the Town

Continuing my recap of Chicago…last Thursday after the Adler Planetarium, Mr. K and I went out for our dinner on the town.   I got all dolled up in a dress and classy boots, and Mr. K put on a nice shirt + sport coat, and we headed up to the River West neighborhood to hit up the new(ish) Red Canary.

It has a 1920s/Victorian vibe to it, and is totes itself as being “Chicago’s First Gastro-Lounge.”  The minute we walked in, I loved it.  The lighting was dim and soft, the decor was beautiful and exquisite, and our waitress was awesome – she was wearing suspenders, and it made me quite happy.  (She was also very attentive).

I started off with a nice white wine, and Mr. K had a beer.  And for an app (they were on special for $2!!) we had the shoe string sweet potoato fries.  Because who can (1) pass up sweet potato fries and (2) pass them up when described as shoe strings?!  Yeah, didn’t think so.


Devoured.  In record time.  The only thing we didn’t do was lick the plate – I promise.


Then for a main course I had Three Sisters’ Pinot Noir, and the seared ahi tuna tacos.


They most definitely were as good as they look.  Perfectly seared, and 100% delectable.  They were quite spicy (I’m pretty sure the green sauce was a green chili sauce) and I more or less downed my wine (not a good idea).  But though I do not have a photo, I was once again a member of the clean plate – or in this case i guess slate – club.

Our experience at The Red Canary was phenomenal.  Why we loved it:

  • Our server was well informed and offered wonderful recommendations of food and wine (always important for me, as they can usually direct you to some of the best items the menu offers which you might have otherwise missed!)
  • The service was prompt, with the one exceptions of our meals, which our server came by and mentioned to us they were taking longer than normal since when they came out they were overcooked and she refused to serve us a less than perfect meal.
  • The atmosphere was relaxing, romantic and intriguing.  It was the vibe of a restaurant/lounge I would definitely return to (and apparently they have one of the top three beer gardens in the city!)
  • The food was incredible, and we were both happy with our choices – very happy, and would definitely eat them again.
  • The main entrees were really just the main entrees.  They didn’t come with a million and one sides, which I hate, but rather a healthy portion of the main entree for you to enjoy. 
  • I will definitely return – even without the Groupon.  Mr. K and I use Groupon to try new and exciting restaurants at a more affordable cost.  (If you haven’t yet joined Groupon and want to sign up for e-mails about deals, do it through here as I get a ‘referral’ bonus if you every buy a Groupon). 

So overall?!  Our experience at The Red Canary was incredible, and I’d love to come back to check out a few other items on the menu, as well as the beer garden.  If you’re in Chicago and have the chance to go check it out, you should.  Its a new, fun, chic vibe in Chicago that offers a great gastro and wine adventure to the customer.

After finishing our dinner and drinks, we took a nice stroll over to Drinks Over Dearborn.  Mr. K needed some bitters, and DoD is one of the few places in the city that sells them.  We ended up walking out of there with a bit more than just bitters, including this wonderful, wonderful buy.

057 059

Koval Organic Chrysanthemum Honey Liqueur.  2 summers ago, Mr. K and I had the opportunity to taste said liqueur at In Fine Spirits on the north side of Chicago in the Andersonville neighborhood with our good friends Liz & Chris.  What I love about Koval is that it is distilled in Chicago (in the Ravenswood neighborhood), its organic and its small batches, so you know every bottle will be a good one.

This, and the ginger liqueur, were two of my favorites.  They are so sweet, savory and a great night cap – which is exactly what we did when we got back to Mr. K’s.  We had an night cap of Chrysanthemum Honey, while playing Lego Harry Potter, and then hit they hay because I was exhausted, as was he – and he had to get up for work.

Do you use Groupon?!  If so, what has been your best ‘deal’?  My best deal was probably the Groupon to In Fine Spirits.  $25 for a $50 Groupon – and In Fine Spirits is so good, its easy to spend that much.  If you haven’t ever done a Groupon, and are interested in signing up, do so through this link, as I then get a referral bonus if you ever buy your first one!


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