Cuckoo for Coconut Water?!

When I started marathon training, I began looking for every possible way to get electrolytes, energy and potassium without consuming massive amounts of bananas and waaaay too much Gu or Gatorade.  Because while they fuel me well, too many bananas cause way to many digestive problems (tmi?!) and I don’t like all the fake and unpronounceable ingredients found in energy drinks/gels.  But sometimes, you gotta do it to keep your body moving.

It was during this time that I started seeing massive amounts of coconut water show up on a number of the blogs I follow.  I decided, after much research on the benefits, to take the plunge and try some.  I did.  And I have to tell you – I spit my first sip out.  It was not pleasant or at all what I was expecting.  However, I continued to drink it because I paid like $2 for it, and as a grad student – when you pay that much, you drink it.


After a while, I got used to the taste, and then I started exploring other brands, because I knew their had to be some good ones.  The verdict?!  I enjoy O.N.E. Coconut Water as well as Naked Coconut Water, but it still isn’t my favorite drink in the world.  However, I do love the benefits – the natural benefits – it offers as an alternative to eating copious amounts of bananas and/or Gatorade/Gu.

So how does it rate for me?  And why on earth do I keep drinking it isn’t at the top of my list taste wise?!  Well, here’s my list of Pros and Cons (Cons first to get negativity out of the post):


  • The taste.  The majority of brands I have tried I did not enjoy drinking.  Although there were a few, the overarching taste is not ideal.
  • The cost.  For me, as a grad student, its a little on the pricey side, especially when the alternatives (like Gatorade) are much more feasible, even more so when buying in bulk.


  • The nutritional values.  There is so much potassium, vitamins, natural electrolytes, etc in the drink that make it worth while!
  • The calories.  At only like 65 calories in a serving (I think), its definitely do able.
  • It mixes well.  I have recently tried a few shakes with coconut water, and it blends in quite well and absorbs the flavors of whatever I put into the shake.
  • Its all natural, 100% coconut water.  There are no added preservatives or yellow number 5, its 100% au natural.  And not just the “natural” kind.
  • The taste of a few brands (O.N.E. and Naked) I enjoy, with and without other added flavors.

So, at the end of the day, I drink it, because its better for me than the alternatives, and because there are a few brands I enjoy, and if I get one that’s not a preferred brand, I can still mix it in to shakes/drinks to still enjoy all the benefits.  And I know that the Pros outweigh the Cons (even in sheer numbers).  Which is why, when I entered a give-a-way on Hillary’s blog about a month ago for a case of O.N.E. Coconut Water, I was crossing my fingers in hopes that I would be one of four lucky winners.  (It is one of my two preferred brands, afterall :))

And low-and-behold, my comment number was selected – and over the weekend while I was in Chicago, a package arrived!  So I came home last night to this:


A whole case of O.N.E. Coconut Water!  And COUPONS galore!


12 whole O.N.E. Coconut Waters.  It was a great way to come home.






I even did a little dance after I saw it on the doorstep.  I love packages – and I LOVE the benefits of Coconut Water!

Thank you Hillary & O.N.E. Coconut Water for this wonderful give away!  I can’t wait to start diggin’ in!

What is your opinion of Coconut Water?!  Do you like it?!  Do you have a favorite brand?  Have you ever tried O.N.E? I have tried quite a few, and O.N.E. is definitely one of the better brands I’ve tried.  Some of them are really bitter and unpalatable.


4 thoughts on “Cuckoo for Coconut Water?!

  1. I too love coconut water-and my favorite is whatever kind is on sale-last week it was Coco Vita at whole foods-this week I am drinking Zico from Trader Joes. I am trying to figure out why they sometimes put “from concentrate” on the label and sometimes it doesn’t say that-I have a feeling its all from concentrate but if they reconstitute it to single strenth they are not required to say that part. Not that there is anything wrong with concentrate, it probably makes it easier to ship it to the manufacturing facility.

    I am confused about your calorie comment-you said 6 calories per serving? Did you mean to put 65 calories/seving? I have never seen it at 6, but I have also never tried One brand.

    Anyway-I am a runner and a fan of coconut water-it is really my favorite post run drink these days. I used to be all about the diet rootbeer,but now i am hooked on the coconut water.

    • I tried Zico last week and I wasn’t really a fan at all. The taste was off — but it was on sale here like 2 weeks ago, so I tried it. I know that O.N.E. and I believe Naked are 100% coconut water, but I’ll have to watch labels from concentrate. Perhaps some companies do concentrate/some don’t?! I’ll have to try to do a bit more research, now that you’ve sparked my interest…

      I meant to put 60-65, I think my keyboard just slipped up:) Thanks for the catch! If only it were 6… 😉

  2. Thanks for the informative write up. I drink a coconut water just about every day. I’m a runner and triathlete and never cared for gatorades and such. I order cases of Zico from Amazon. I actually “subscribe” to 3 cases per month so I can get a 15% discount. That stuff’s expensive. I’m not sure if I’ve tried O.N.E. I’ve tried a couple other brands. Some were sweet. Some were chunky. Zico is my favorite though.

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