A Starry Day in Chicago

Last Thursday I took off for Chicago at 12:35am (in my mind, laaaate Wednesday night).  The flight was packed, there was a screaming 4 year old, and as a result I got almost no sleep.

After a layover in MSP, where I picked up my favorite:

006 009

Soy Latte from Caribou.  I miss Caribou.  And they’re adorable napkins:


Then I scurried to my flight to Chicago, where I arrived at 9 am, to Mr. K awaiting me with an I-Go car!  It was so good to see him.

After a little relaxing, we headed out to Panera for lunch.  I hadn’t had Panera in FOREVER, and Mr. K had a gift card, so it was a great deal!

I had the black bean soup & chicken & apple salad (real name?!) with a pieza of french bread.


Then, it was off to the Adler Planetarium!

019 027022

Mr. K thought it would be a good idea to snap a photo of overly tired and disheveled me with the skyline…026  031 036

It was a fun afternoon at the museum.  I hadn’t been to the Adler before, and so it was an awesome first trip.  We also saw two shows – Journey to the Stars and a 3-D movie about observatories.  They were both really well done and informative, but I was really, really, really tired…so I kept nodding off – literally.

After the Planetarium, we went grocery shopping for Friday’s dinner & then cleaned up for our ‘fancy’ dinner out – ala Groupon!


Stay tuned for more Chicago adventures this week.

What is your favorite city and why?  Outside the US, its either Vienna or Buenos Aires.  But inside the states, its most definitely Chicago – with MPLS as a close behind and NYC as a wonderful, wonderful city to visit.  I just love how much Chicago has to offer – in all different areas: theater, museum, concert, festival, art, food, drink, etc.  SO much to do, and so so so incredible.  (And that, my friends, is my unsolicited plug for Chicago.  You should visit – but probably in the summer.  Its like 100x better.  Just sayin’: no really really cold weather.)


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