A Tasting Pavilion

Saturday afternoon at FoodBuzz consisted of a tasting pavilion at the Metreon.



The tasting pavilion was made up of local San Francisco food vendors.  There was lots of food…and wine…and foodies.


There was quite a wide variety, and many good tastes.  These are some of the highlights:  From JAQK Wine Cellars we tried a few reds, and the Merlot blend we had was phenomenal.  I am not a merlot fan – but it was good.  Really smooth.  We also had tomatoes with olive oil and sea salt from Mendocino Sea Salt.  The smoked sea salt was awesome.  The aroma kind of made me swoon.

I also indulged in a Mission Mini banana cupcake (it was vegan!!!).  Hit the spot.  The Saag’s sausages were delightful.  We also had some Jacob’s Creek wine.  And the Moscato was so good – I went back for a second taste, and then just asked for a half glass.  Which was interesting, because I’m not normally a Moscato fan.  They’re usually just way too sweet.

There was also chocolate.  From Madagascar.  And every kind of pickled vegetable you could imagine – and of course pickled beets with goat cheese.  Mmmm. Mmmm.  Good.  There was also a Pinot Noir from Mt. Beautiful.  It was up there with the Moscato.

I’m not going to lie…there was a lot of wine consumption.  Along with food bites.


My roommates Mellissa & Julia at the end of the tasting fest.

But perhaps the best highlight of the afternoon came from Frog Hollow Farms.  On our way out, they were packing up and the rep at the tasting pavilion offered Julia and I each a case of pears, since he knew we were local foodies. 


So I got to walk out of the tasting pavilion not only with a number of goodies from Nature’s Pride, Frog Hollow and few other vendors, but I got an entire case of really ripe pears.  I can’t wait to use them 🙂

After the tasting pavilion, we walked back to the hotel to rest our feet (I didn’t sit down for almost 6 1/2 hours!) and get ready for the Gala…

More FoodBuzz Fest posts to come later this week – as well as one on those pears…that large case of pears…


7 thoughts on “A Tasting Pavilion

  1. Those foodie pictures look great. I am going to have to research these pears to see if they ship. Every single person is saying how amazing they are.. must try. Love the blog 🙂

  2. Hey Elise! So great meeting you at our table #6 haha 🙂 Such a fun weekend!! Your photos are awesome. And oh my gosh the amount of food was overwhelming! Lucky that you got to take a whole case of those pears home, how amazing were they?! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

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