Street Food Fare!


The first night of FoodBuzz Fest started tonight with Street Food Fare.



There were delicious appetizers fresh from Frog Hollow Farm were placed at all tables.  I indulged in a date and some pear.


The evening started out with a ‘Foodie Gift Exchange.”  We were put into groups of 10, and introduced ourselves and exchanged gifts.  I got my gift from Steph of San Francisco.  It is a Homemade Poppyseed Salad Dressing – I’m so excited to try it.


My gift for the gift exchange went to Monica.  She was ecstatic for the Michael Pollan book In Defense of Food.  I’ve been reading it, it was a gift to me from Julia, and have loved it.  And I thought ever foodie needed to read it.  I also included a jar of the apple butter I’ve been making over the past week.

Then, the Street Food Fare really began. 



There were about a dozen street food vendors from San Francisco in attendance.  I was a little disappointed since the event had been talked up a bit more – as in the suggested there would be quite a few more vendors.  But all in all, it was awesome, and I had some great eats.

I started off the night with some Viking Gumbo.



It was a paella type dish with octopus, chicken and bacon.  The flavors were so intense and exploded in my mouth.  It was the right mix of spice and savory.  So good.  In fact so good, that it was my favorite dish of the night.  Kind of sad I started off with it.

Next I headed to Tacolicious.


Where I had a vegetarian taco.


Unfortunately, because I ate mine while standing at the stand meeting a new friend in San Fran, Reunka, I forgot to take a photo and therefore snapped one of a non-vegetarian taco my neighbor had half devoured.

Then, it was off to Spencer On the Go


Where I had a lamb sandwich.

056 057

It was good, but messy.  And definitely not quite the same.

After that, Mellissa and I split an Indian wrap from Curry Up Now.



It was probably tied for second place for me with…my final taste for the night was a pork sandwich from Roly Roti.



The pork was incredible.  And I actually really enjoyed it.  But it was my last meal, and I was so full by this point.

Throughout the night I enjoyed three different kinds of wine, including one from Santa Cruz: Bonny Doon Vineyards, which I plan on visiting in the near future – since they’re in my new hometown!

All in all it was a great night, and I met a wonderful group of new bloggers including the ones listed above and: Jessie, Coco, Lew, Anne, Allie and a slew of folk whose names I just can’t remember (sorry, there were just SO many folk!)

It was a great start to the FoodBuzz Festival, and I can’t wait for tomorrow mornings’ run, and then the breakout sessions!  See you around noon!

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