Or the smell.  I just love the way my apartment smells like sugary spiced apples when I’m making apple buttah.  Thus, its apple buttah, round two.  (Well, and because I bought 15 pounds of apples and my Crock-Pot only holds 5…)

So last night it happened again, and my kitchen was transformed into a baking & canning factory.

You know the drill, if not, go here for my first time making the buttah.  Yes, it was just two days ago.  Yes, I might have an obsession.  No, I will not get help.  Its healthy, I promise.

My night was all apple buttah & studying.  So here it is, in photos.

–Oh, I also went to the gym for 20 min on the stairstepper & 35 min on the bike and weights…but that is not photographed.  Sorry.  I sweat.  A lot.  You don’t want to see that.  Remember the marathon?!  I look like that when I run 1 mile or 26.2, just maybe not as tired looking 🙂

Now, back on track.


005 006  008


(funky lookin’ apple buttah ;))

009 015 


And the rest of my evening?



2 thoughts on “Need.More.Buttah.

  1. Lew and I just made our fist stop on the way to the foodbuzz festival. We dropped our twins off at the grandparents and are now on the way to Nashville fly out in the morning. We look forward to meeting you in San Fransisco.

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