Terrific Tuesday

So far today has been off to a GREAT start.

I think I’m still kickin’ from my awesome 5 mile run yesterday.  I did it in 43:45.  Which isn’t real fast, but for my first REAL run since NWM, I think it was great.  And I didn’t get too slow during the marathon training.  So I’m satisfied.  I”m going to try to get it down to an 8 min/mile in the next few weeks – I miss speed!!

I had the usual, oats, pb, soy yogurt & stevia.

Photos for Blog 002 (2)

With a bananer.  (sorry I ate it WAy too fast)

And then I set off to studying.

These are becoming my two BFFs:


source: Amazon


source: Amazon

With a micro test on Friday, and a not-so-hot result from the last test, I will be lost in these texts as well as my class reader for the next few days. 

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Because Friday, post exam means: Food Buzz Festival 2010 in San Francisco!!!  I can’t wait to go!  I have three awesome roomies: Julia, Melissa & Casey!

It should be an amazing, fun & food-centric weekend!  I honestly can’t WAIT for this break – or to meet all the food bloggers and food representatives!  Should be incredible!

What do you do when you really need to concentrate?  How do you keep from getting distracted?  I ask this because I constantly find myself distracted and concentrating on things I shouldn’t be when I really need to study.  Like right now…I’m blogging, and I should be studying :)  Whoops!  So clearly, I need tips & advice!!


4 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday

  1. Hmm concentration is a toughy. I think your best bet is, (gasp) close the computer. I keep wanting to check blogs, email, what have you. I think it the mothership of distraction.
    Cant wait to see you in a few days!

  2. I usually have a place that I can go to that I’m not as distracted. Like if I go to the library or the grad office, I don’t want people to see me scoping out blogs, shopping online, or tweeting. So I stick to what I’m really there to do. Maybe you can find a place that works the same way for you. Good luck, us PhD students need to stick together (it’s a looonnnggg road!)

    • unfortunately my grad office has 7 other people.. 😦 i’m contemplating disconnecting my internets for a bit or hitting up a coffee shop…but you’re right, i need to be in public so i don’t ‘get distracted’ 🙂

      and are you coming to fb fest?!

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