Out With the Old, In With the…?!

Today was a day of studying, working out (I bike 12 miles at the gym!) and more studying.  But in between bouts of studying, I also managed to purge my kitchen of some newly undesirable products.  What do you ask?!

Well, for a little background, I’ve been having serious gastric problems since I was about 19.  I would get pains that mimicked appendicitis about once a month, and even ended up in the hospital six times as we were afraid it really was.  After a few discussions with some doctors and friends with gastric problems, I opted to go dairy free.  While most of my problems were ‘fixed,’ I still have fairly frequently recurring stomach ails.

Over the past week and 1/2, my stomach issues have returned, and this time in full force.  As such, I’ve sought out a new doctor at my University, and will be seeing a nutritionist for the first time in just over a week.  As such, per recommendation of my doctor (which was a recommendation that also comes from the nutritionist), I have made some drastic changes to my kitchen…and therefore my diet.

I am going, on top of dairy free, gluten & egg free on a trial run for the month of November.

Yes, that’s right: Gluten, Egg & Dairy Free.

My first reaction?!  WHAT CAN I EAT?!

Luckily, I live in California where alternative lifestyles and diets are plenty, and most grocery stores have options.  So, since I realized I won’t be eating any breads, or eggs, or processed foods…I made a few changes and investments today to make this new diet easier.

Out with the old…


My sad box of gluten and egg filled goodness, which now sits atop my fridge.


soy sauce.  it has wheat.  its sad.


One of my favorite dressings.  Who would’ve thunk that a ginger vinaigrette has wheat in it?!

And in with the gluten free…


tamari soy sauce!


seriously is the world’s best.  and not just for this type of dressing.




Gluten free Teriyaki sauce!


and szechuan sauce!


mmmm.  rice thins!


I made the investment in pre-made gluten free flour this time.  If I end up sticking with the diet for more than just November (i.e. it actually helps my situation) I will probably invest in different types of flours and my own guar gum to make my own flour mixtures  But for now, this will do :)  (I got it so that I can still make my pecan pie…and sweet potato casserole for turkey day :))

And even though gluten, egg & dairy free month doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, I decided to give myself a taste of what to come.  It was, pretty good.

Star of dinner?


Amy’s Gluten & Dairy Free Pizza


And some sautéed spinach & garlic on the side


Verdict?  While the rice crust was a little dry and crumbly, it wasn’t bad for a gluten free/dairy free pizza.  I think if I ever buy one again, I might supplement with some additional toppings: chicken sausage, dates, chicken & tomatoes, etc.  To add a little more flavor and added protein value to the pizza. 

And on tap tomorrow?  First, BODY PUMP (my second class – I’m going to try to go 1x/week to start) and then taking care of all of these…


Yup, that is 15 pounds of apples.

Do you have stomach/digestive issues?!  How do you deal with them?!  I’ve obviously been dairy free to help, but it hasn’t fixed the problem and so now I’m trying a new diet.  I’ve tried everything but drugs, because I really don’t want to become reliant on a new prescription drug – I’ve already got allergy meds & birth control under the belt.  I don’t really want to take any more…


One thought on “Out With the Old, In With the…?!

  1. I DO have major issues. I too have been going wheat free but not so sure i can handle no dairy. And yes, luckily i live in CA too so its not that terrible to find alternatives. I’ve noticed that I also cant tolerate certain food raw.
    Anyhow, I’ve been using cornflour a lot and its fantastic! it make yummy tortillas and awesome breads.

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