An Epic Halloween

Yesterday was a much needed break from studying.  Oy, was it needed.  With some unpleasant results from some first midterms, I’ve upped the notch on my studying habits (which has resulted in almost nonexistent postings…I’m working on balance in my life – its hard!) and therefore haven’t had much downtime or relaxing time.

To start off the evening, I headed over to Rosie McMann’s where the prof’s held an Econ Happy Hour.  It was great to mingle with the people in the department, a few of the staff and the professors outside of the classroom.  It was also fun to engage in conversation with professors as we start to create the relationships that may evolve into advisorship once we hit our third year and are onto the dissertation track.

Then, after two beers (on the professors of course), I headed back to my apartment for a quick study sesh, some dinner and a costume make over.  What was I, do you ask?


Why, Rosie the Riveter, of Course!



I have this poster on my wall, and have for years.  One of my favs.  Got it in DC when I went with the family back in 2002 or 2003 on a pre-college tour, college tour.  Ahh to be young and on family vacays…

After realizing I was leaning two far forward in the first photo (yes, I compared to the poster), i did a retake


A little more accurate, me thinks 😉

Our Halloween part was fun and crazy.  It started off slow, and only a few of us donned costumes, but more people came (though costumes were few and far between).  But still, there was a vampire and a cheerleader…


And a cheerleader dancing with a disco girl…


And drinks, of course.

There was also Bat Boy.  And Paul Bunyan.  And a hippie.  And a ninja.  And a guy who got shot in the head.

Good times had by all.  Economists are fun.  I promise.

The night ran late, and then it was suddenly Saturday.  And I woke up late – very late.  But, I appreciated all the sleep. 

And then today’s activities commenced.  But, more on that later. 🙂

What did you do/are you doing to celebrate Halloween?!  I definitely enjoyed our Econ Halloween party, but am definitely looking forward to a night in tonight.  And I loved being Rosie the Riveter.  Can I be her every year?!


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