So I’m super swamped with PhD nonsense right now, but my full race recap just went live on Melinda Hinson Neely’s website: Elise Nelson: Defying the Odds in  San Francisco.

I had the pleasure of meeting Melinda in San Francisco, when she ran her 13th marathon and I ran my my first just two weeks ago

She is posting my race recap as a part of her research/writing for her book on marathon writing, which will hopefully be coming out in 2011!  (sorry if I’m a little preemptive on the release, Melinda — but I’m optimistic!)

Anyways, off to study.  And then maybe getting my ‘costume on.’

Are you dressing up for Halloween?!  If so, what are you going to be?!  And where are you celebrating? My costume will be a secret until I have already worn it…but this weekend isn’t just a weekend for costumes, its my dad’s 65th birthday on Sunday — he is definitely a TREAT, not a trick 😉




One thought on “FYE…

  1. I just came across your blog, and I love what I see! I wanted to wish you well with your journey to your PhD. I’m an academic and can well understand the challenge of balancing work and working out, etc.

    I wore a cat costume to a 5K this morning, but other than that I’ll have a low-key Halloween weekend this year.

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