Eggplant Pizza?! Yes, please!

Last night, as I was going through my cupboard and fridge trying to figure out what in the world I should make for dinner…I happened upon large quantities of vegetables that I didn’t entirely recall purchasing in my post-marathon TJ’s run.  I must’ve been really hungry.

I mean, I had a bunch of broccoli, a cauliflower, 6 zucchinis, a large eggplant, an onion, a large bag of spinach & 5 tomatoes.  Seriously, for one person, for about a week.

Note to self: don’t go shopping within 24 hours of running a marathon.  You will over buy.

So, in an attempt to figure out what to do with some of these vegetables, my eyes passed over my goat cheese…and I knew immediately what was on tap for dinner: Mini Goat Cheese, Tomato & Spinach Eggplant Pizzas.

My mouth was salivating at the sound of it!

So, I got right to work slicing the eggplant into about 3/4 inch thick disks, and coating the bottom side of each disk with just a dab of olive oil.  Then, I spread a little goat cheese on each disk, slathered a little pizza sauce on and topped with fresh tomatoes, dried basil & sautéed garlic spinach.



I cooked the pizzas for about 20 minutes at like 375.  ( I say about, because I didn’t really time it, I just kept looking in to see if I thought it looked done.  And they came out perfect.  The eggplant had cooked, but hadn’t gotten too soft, and the goat cheese had definitely melted into delightful goodness.  I had two on my plate…


And then went back for a third.  They were SO good.  And I have leftovers 🙂

Mini Goat Cheese, Tomato & Spinach Eggplant Pizzas

  • Eggplant
  • Goat cheese (the soft, spreadable kind)
  • 1 roma tomato, chopped
  • A few handfuls of spinach
  • 1 clove minced garlic
  • olive oil
  • dried/fresh basil (I used dried)

Preheat oven to 375. 

Slice the eggplant into about 3/4” thick disks.  Rub a little olive oil into one side of the disks, and put that side down onto the cookie sheet.  Then, spread a little goat cheese onto each disk, slather on some pizza sauce. 

In a small sauce pan, heat up some oil and the minced garlic.  Once garlic is starting to sizzle, add in the spinach, and sauté until the spinach is starting to wilt.  

Then top each mini pizza with chopped tomato, spinach and sprinkle with basil. 

Cook at 375 for about 20 minutes (could be more or less, depending on your oven and how cooked you like your pizza).  Remove, let cool for a few moments.  Then, plate and ENJOY.

I really liked the combination of flavors and thought it was a very good, complimentary mix.  I am contemplating adding chicken sausage the next time I make it.  Or grilled chicken breast.  I think either would be an excellent addition.

And then for dessert, I had a Haagen-Dazs raspberry sorbet.


Perfect single serving size!  And it definitely hit the spot!

Now I’m off to figure out what to do with the rest of my vegetables…I’m thinking about just roasting them all up with a little olive oil, salt & Mrs. Dash’s Lemon Pepper mix!

But first, I’m off to my first Body Pump class ever!  SO EXCITED!  And then, studying like there is no tomorrow…because there isn’t – Midterm on Wednesday!

Happy Sunday!!!


3 thoughts on “Eggplant Pizza?! Yes, please!

  1. hmm. I have never tried eggplant anything before, but this recipe looks drool-worthy. I might have to try it out! except for the tomato – I’m a weird, picky eater. 😉

    hope you’re doing well!

  2. I always make a big chili or stew when I have a bunch of veggie around. They usually turn out better than expected.
    I have yet to go to a body pump class. I think I’m so weak that the only thing I can pump is my own gas (barely).

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