Case of the Missing Carbs…

I still can’t believe that less than a week ago I ran 26.2 miles(read my recap here).  It was one of the greatest feelings in the world and I got to do it with an amazing friend, Julia.  And I now know, I can do anything 🙂

Since the marathon, I refueled through Tuesday, and since then have been evaluating how I can reduce my food intake, because I’m not running crazy insane amounts any more – so I definitely do not need to eat as much (and I’m starting to be less hungry – thank goodness!!!)

In analyzing what I’ve been eating lately (and potentially why even after I stopped running as far I’m still really hungry all the time), I realized that I’ve been missing a few of my favorite dinner staples:

1. Cous-cous.  I used to make baja chipotle shrimp over cous-cous all the time.  I miss cous-couse a lot.

2. Brown rice.  For some reason I just haven’t been getting the complex carbs I need, like brown rice, and therefore I believe I’ve been hungrier for snack foods.

3. Quinoa.  Possibly one of the best grains in the world.  Really need to start making this again.  It is complex carbs & protein.  Double whammy win.

4. Sweet potoatoes.  Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes?  I love them SO much.  In fact…They made an appearance in tonight’s dinner:

Unfrozen & Reheated Chile con Carne & Spiced Sweet Potato


I also had a serving or two of Diet Sweet Leaf Green Tea I had picked up a few weeks back from TJ’s


So, as you can see…I’m trying to get back on track and start re-introducing my favorite complex carbs back into my diet.  Hopefully they’ll help me stay fuller without eating as much as I did during my marathon madness training…

And…earlier today I had a delicious breakfast!


In the mix:

Original Probiotic Soy Yogurt
Dry Oats
Special K Blueberry

And I had a banana on the side (unpictured).


And on that note, I am on little-to-no sleep.  Between the marathon on Sunday, problem set due Tuesday, midterm Wednesday and a problem set due today I am in dire need of some sleep.  So, I’m off to bed at 9:30 on Friday (after spending the past two hours doing my laundry at the laundromat!  I am lame, and I love it.

What did you do for your Friday?!  Does anyone else stay in on Fri/Sat to do domestic things, like cook, clean or do laundry?!  I find it quite relaxing…and often enjoy just sipping a glass…or four of wine as I go 🙂


2 thoughts on “Case of the Missing Carbs…

  1. I stay in too. I usually have yoga teacher trainings on weekend so I’m actually busy. But I stay in most mights because I’m a shameless nerd.

    Yay for carbs, glad they are beginning to make a comeback

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