Blogger Meet-up & Santa Cruz Restaurant Week, Take 2

First things first…Julia & I are organizing a Blogger meet-up for Saturday at the Nike Women’s Expo in San Fran.  Meet up between the Pom Tea Photo Booth & Safeway Smoothie Booth (see Expo Tent map below) between 4:15-4:30 and then we’ll venture off to a local coffee shop/fro-yo place.  If you have questions, e-mail me at or Julia at  Looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers and Mary/Half Mary runners!  (If you live in the SF area and want to come join us, the more the merrier!!!)


So after enjoying a restaurant on Sunday with Mr. K for restaurant week, I had been a little disappointed I couldn’t order off the Prie Fix menu.  Enter: restaurant week attempt number 2.


For this second trip, 3 of my fellow PhD’s and I headed over to Hollins House at Pasatiempo Golf Course.

For starters, we had a bottle of Chardonnay from the area.


It was a nice fruity chardonnay, with a crisp taste.  Not my favorite, but it was enjoyable and didn’t clash with any of the three entree choices (lasagna, pork & chicken.  I had a glass.


With a piece of bread 🙂

For the appetizer, I had heirloom beat salad with heirloom tomoates and fresh chevre.


(unfortunately it was SO dark I had to turn on the flash.  Holy sharpness)

Then for my entree, I ordered the pork tenderloin with asparagus on the side (it was supposed to be potato au grautin, but as that involves massive amounts of butter & cheese…I opted for a healthier option.


Unfortunately the waiter and chef had a miscommunication, and there was parmesan cheese grated over the entire meal, and the butter sauce was draped over everything…  And, they happened to run out of the pork entree at this point, so I opted to then try the 1/4 chicken…again with asparagus.


The 1/2 chicken was cooked perfectly.  And the asparagus were nicely seasoned.  I am sure it would’ve tasted loads better with the butter sauce, as it was supposed to be prepared but a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do.  And it was still pretty good.

For dessert I had the berries…sans cream.


I always love berries, and this was an excellent mix of fresh strawberries, blackberries blueberries & raspberries.  Mm Mm good.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience at Hollins.  It was a little surreal actually eating at a golf course restaurant, since I used to wait tables and work in the catering department at two a few years back, but I was impressed with the quality of food.  While I won’t be jumping at the bit to go back (the prices on the menu were a more than what I thought the food was worth), it was still a good meal with almost no complaints. 

–My only complaint is that I didn’t get to eat the pork, which my friends informed me was quite delightful.  But better healthy, than keeled over in pain 🙂

So recap?  I LOVE SC Restaurant week, good food at a reasonable price, and San Franciscoans & NMW Mary & Half-Mary runners should come to the blogger meet-up location on Saturday between 4:15-4:30 to get to know some fellow runners/bloggers in the area!

Have you ever done restaurant week in your area?  Was it worth it?  I have done restaurant week in Chicago for the past two years, and have LOVED it.  Though the Prie-Fix meals in Chicago are $35/dinner, the restaurants that participate are numerous and some of them are incredible places to dine.  Some of the places I’ve indulged in during restaurant week are The Drawing Room (where I dined shortly after discovering I got into grad school!), Brazzaz, The Weber Grill, & Province.


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