Pumpkin Coffee & NWM Get Together!

So, its fall, and Starbucks reintroduced the Pumpkin Spiced Latte a few weeks ago.  So of course, I had to indulge.  They are that good.

Unfortunately, they’re not healthy for my wallet, so instead I recently discovered that the coffee house on campus has a Pumpkin Spice Coffee available.  So, for $1.35 I can make my own version (though its not a complete latte with frothed milk) – and I know I could make it at home for even cheaper (if I had a coffee machine).

So, I’ve decided to let you all in on the secret…because its always good to save a little dough:

Pumpkin Spiced Coffee w/ Milk

Pumpkin Spiced Coffee (they have it here for $8.99/12 oz bag)
(Unsweetened) Vanilla Almond Milk (can be heated in microwave)
Stevia/Sugar (optional, but suggested if you use unsweetened)


Make coffee.  Add two shakes of cinnamon and two of nutmeg and desired amount of vanilla almond milk.  Stevia/sugar to taste (optional).  Mix.  Enjoy.  And keep more money in your pocket.

And on that note, I’m off to clean and then pick Mr. K up at the airport!  I’ll probably be MIA this weekend, so have a great one!!!

Also, I will be running the Nike Women’s Marathon on October 17th in San Fran.  If you’re from the area or will be in town to run the full or half mary, e-mail me at phdstrides@gmail.com or contact Julia because we are organizing a get-together for the afternoon of Saturday, October 16th!!


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