T-2 Weeks

The past week has been a whirlwind for graduate school.  Our first Macro problem set was due (if you don’t know what this is, its probably for the better…as you probably are saving HOURS of your life.)  All in all, I probably spent a full work week on the homework alone – oy vey.

Then at the end of the week, after having some absolutely beautiful (and extremely hot) weather during the week it was determined that what Friday night needed was a BBQ.  And boy, was it ever a BBQ.

The table spread (before the meat, the non-meat, and more people brought goodies…)


And then once the bbq-ing ended, the ridiculousness ensued.  Copious amounts of beer were consumed by all (and I had more than my usual 2…but then again we were at the bbq for about…9 hours?!), and I have come to have a true appreciation for Lagunitas IPA.  Some evidence of the ridiculousness.




(I’m pretty sure I was asking for my camera back…)

And getting artsy at like 2am.


And then Saturday I made up for missed sleep by napping in the afternoon, and then tackled Macro problem set #2.  And all it has really made me want to do is curl up in a ball and cry.  This will probably be my only post for the week, its a lot longer and harder than last week’s.  C’est la vie (of the graduate student).

And then today, today was the big day – my last long run before the marathon.  I’ve decided to have two ‘taper’ weeks so that my knee recuperates from the the long runs I’ve been doing (17.08 two weeks ago & 15.65 last week).  So, my goal was 20 miles.

Pre-run, I had a Vega Sport for hydration.

2010-10-03 16.04.04

And some raw oats with Probiotic Soy Yogurt, stevia, PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams and a banana.  While that sounds like a lot of food, I had it all about 1.5 hours before I started my run, and it settled quite well, so I think I might be sold on an idea for pre-marathon fuel. I also took an S!Caps pill (a buffered electrolyte supplement)

Then, I headed out from my house.  I decided that this run needed to incorporate some hills to prepare me for the hills of San Fran.  What I didn’t realized, is that I underestimated the steepness and intensity of the hills in the first 5.5 miles of my run.  Although the first 5.5 miles went swimmingly, 4.5 of it was uphill..and the average incline was about 4-5%.  At one point it even got up to about an 8%.  And after the first 9 miles, I had to go back to my apartment to change socks so that I didn’t get blisters on my insoles.  I used body glide and I still sweated too much.

And things were going fine until about mile 12…when I had to wait for a stoplight and my muscles started to tighten up… The hills were wearing on my legs, but I recuperated until mile 16.  And at that point, my muscles yelped and said “the mountain wins today!” and it became difficult for me to even walk – and I had 3 miles left to go…most of which, was back up the mountain.  So I would run a little, walk a lot, run a little, walk a lot.  And eventually I made it back to my apartment, very very sore.

All I have to say is lots of ice, tylenol, water and more ice have occurred and it still hurts to walk, sit down and stretch.  I definitely overdid it on the hills.  Lesson learned.

The icing…thank goodness for frozen peas!

2010-10-03 15.08.28

Still happy to have accomplished 19 miles (one way or another!)

2010-10-03 15.09.20 

(Can you tell I’m a Twins fan?!)

Anyways, the stats:

First 3: 32:05 (up the mtn)
4: 8:41 (dwn the mtn)
5: 11:55 (up the mtn again)
6: 10:22
7: 9:11
8: 9:46
9: 9:40
10: 10:40
11: 9:55
12: 13:12 (I waited 3 minutes for a light…)
13: 11:49 (lights again)
14: 10:38
15: 10:48
16: 13:09 (the pain started…)
17: 14:57 (the walking began…)
18: 13:05
19: 15:57

Total: 3:35:57, average 11:21

But, you can definitely see where things went completely wonky.

During the run I had two packs of Sharkies, 3 gu, 44 oz of Gatorade & 30 oz of water.  I also had another S!Caps around mile 10, and one more post race.

2010-10-03 16.04.13

Post race fuel included whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage, mini bell peppers, spinach & garlic with pasta sauce.

2010-10-03 16.02.02

2010-10-03 16.03.40

And an apple.

And dinner included two Orowheat Sandwich thins and two eggs.

2010-10-03 19.15.23

The Orowheat thins were topped with Lite Smart Balance and…a preview of the greatness that is to come: Homemade Strawberry Preserves!

2010-10-03 19.16.54

It was gifted to me at the BBQ by my future jam & canning instructor, Kat!  And I will hopefully learn how to make my own homemade jam by the end of the month!

And of course, massive quantities of water have been consumed.  And a Coconut O.N.E. water.  Lemon-lime style.

All this was done while chatting with Mr. K (he comes to visit on Friday!!!!) & Macro (you can see my homework in the background of most of today’s photos.  Its taken over my apartment.)

2010-10-03 16.05.44

And with that, hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Monday in a few hours!

Have you ever had an injury just a few weeks before a race?  Were you able to complete the race?  If so, what did you do to help your body heal quickly?!  I really need some advice so that I can do my best in two weeks at the Nike Women’s Marathon with Julia!!!


5 thoughts on “T-2 Weeks

  1. I think most people would have given up after the first 5 miles of hills!! Way to go girl!
    I got a tibial stress fracture during my peak training this past March, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the marathon. But for more minor injuries: compression socks, ice and easy on the cross-training!

    • thanks! it was rough…
      and thanks for the tips — i may hunt down some compression socks…and cryopaks for icing — 1 1/2 weeks to be in tip-top form (and the pain lingers…)
      and sorry bout your marathon last spring…i guess injuries happen to the best of us — to remind us that we’re human 🙂

  2. Good luck with the macro homework! I finished taking all my macro last year, but I have to take the macro preliminary/qualifying/comprehensive exam again in January, so I spent the whole day studying it today. It was kind of like having my teeth pulled, over and over and over again. In case you can’t tell, I’m an applied micro kind of girl 🙂

  3. Drunken belligerence is really the sort of thing you want to documented. So thanks. Your vegan chocolate cookies were so delicious that I – in a drunken state of course; I obviously would never do such a thing sober – hid some from the party for my house-mates the next morning.

    • I’ll take your hiding-of-cookies as a great compliment. And I may have made some documentations, but I have never released any names. Just evidence.

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