Europe Post #6: Praha

Our last stop on our tour of Europe, was a three day stay in Prague, Czech Republic.  This was my second visit to Praha, my first was in 2007 with my college touring orchestra.  But this time, we had more free time, I could actually see (the first time I had pink eye :() and I knew what places I definitely wanted to explore.  We spent time at the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, wandering aimlessly through Old Town, and scaling towers.

 P1080990  P1090008P1090011 P1090013 P1090297 P1090017 P1090025 P1090042

 P1090051 P1090054 P1090060 P1090066 P1090070 P1090092  P1090104 P1090106 P1090116

P1090125 P1090136 P1090144  P1090164 P1090177 P1090179  P1090209P1090200 P1090210 P1090212 P1090234  P1090242    


The photos seriously don’t do justice to our excursion from Budapesht to Praha along the Danube river, but I hope they gave you a sense of the amazing two week trip we had in Europe.  I will have the memories forever, and it is definitely one of my favorite vacations, and I got to spend the time with Mr. K – who, by the way, is a great supporter of my blog.  And although I don’t post pictures (due to his job & personal request), he did wave hello from you from the shadows of Prague :)babl


What was your favorite vacation?!  Where was it and with whom?!  That’s tough for me to say, as I’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a few opportunities to see the US and the world.  Probably top 5 were Big Sky, Montana with my family, Spain with my mom, Europe with Mr. K & family, the east coast college tour, and canoeing in the BWCA with my pops.


Also, today is the last day to vote for the Food Buzz Project Food Blog Challenge #1 advancers!  Go here to vote for me to become the Next Food Blog Star!!


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