Perfect Study Food

I think the perfect study food is something simple, easy to make and definitely easy to clean up.  This evening, after having some chili con carne for dinner (about 6 hours ago), I settled in to study for my math camp final tomorrow — yes, its almost done!  And then we have almost an ENTIRE WEEK off before the quarter starts!  And I definitely have some fun weekend plans ahead!

But before I get on to the fun weekend plans…I rediscovered the perfect study food this evening.  One I haven’t visited in a long time (due to its non-healthy factor) but one that has definitely hit the spot: Coke Zero (I know, I know..artificial sweeteners are bad for you…but I do actually prefer the taste to regular coke, unless its coke made with real sugar) & Vegan Nachos with Guacamole.

Last weekend when I was at Costco, I found 100 calorie packs of Guacamole, which are amazing!  And a few days ago at Whole Foods I decided to splurge on Daiya shredded cheese after hearing such amazing things about it on the web.  And let me tell you — Daiya cheese is INCREDIBLE.  It melts like regular cheese, and might even taste better than regular cheese (though its been a few years, so someone might have to do a taste test for me).  So all the hype about Daiya — believe it.  And if you can indulge, try it out today!

And so I melted the Daiya on my tortilla chips, and topped it all off with guacamole.  MM.  MM.  Good.  I practically licked the plate clean.  (I’d show you a photo, but my apartment is currently covered in math papers.  And I can’t find my camera…).  And for good measure, so I felt a little healthy, I had a gala apple.  Perfect study snack.

And now, I’m less than 12 hours from my final — and 15 hours from FREEDOM!  And my amazing weekend plans, which include a visit tomorrow through Saturday of Kristen & Nora!!  They’re two of my friends from highschool back in Minnesota, and I haven’t seen either of them…possibly in three or four years (which is completely ridiculous)!  Now we just have to figure out what to do 🙂

If you were having a girls weekend, what would your plans be?! I’m thinking a night out in Santa Cruz followed by a relaxing day down by the ocean…sounds like perfection.  Oh, and probably brunch @ Zachary’s.  Cuz, what is a trip to Santa Cruz without a trip to Zachary’s for brunch?!


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