Project Food Blog

Food Buzz’ is having Project Food Blog Contest this fall, and I’m one of about

2,000 food bloggers across the country and world who has opted to participate!  I’m so excited for this opportunity to showcase my love for healthy living, food and exercise as well as my unique aspect in the blogging world.

The first post challenge is this week, and I am excited as I embark on this journey.  Friday the first post challenge ends, and Saturday the voting opens – so stay tuned for information on how to vote for PhD Strides on Saturday after my post goes up later this week!

Much love to you all – posts will be scarce this week.  Math camp final on Friday and I NEED to prepare!  Oh, and I have a problem set due for a grade Wednesday and I will probably be spending all day tomorrow in the DMV.

And on that note, I just finished a speedy run of 7 miles in 60:04.  It felt great.  I still got it in me 🙂

G’nite all – and remember!  Project Food Blog entry and voting is coming later this week!


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