Eat Dessert First

I got a solid 9 hours of sleep last night.  Which was much needed.  Unfortunately I awake to a massive headache, stomach ache and some cramps, so I knew right away the long run was out of the question.  Instead, I’m pampering myself this morning to see if I can either make it up this afternoon/evening, as Santa Cruz is cool enough where I won’t die of a heat wave, or if I’ll go for it in the morning.

I have a feeling tomorrow morning may be a bit more likely.  Le sigh.

As a part of my pampering this morning, I opted to indulge in the Grilled Banana Sandwich a la Caitlin after reading her blog.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  Although, I did have to make a few changes as I had no brown sugar or powdered sugar on hand.  Thus, I used a little stevia and added some nutmeg.  Delish.



Seriously, there is nothing like starting the day of with ‘dessert.’  It brings a smile to my face and a quote to my mind my father likes to adhere to:

‘Life is uncertain, eat dessert first’.’

I’m also thinking this would be a good sandwich with a bit of warmed pumpkin.  Once I am able to acquire some pumpkin, I must try this out.

Now I’m off to a study sesh up on campus with my class, and then I have the excitement of – wait for it, wait for it – MORE STUDYING!  I lead an exciting life.  With studying comes a lunch…

Leftover Chicken Sausage & Pasta


And a spinach salad with goat cheese and a red wine vinaigrette


And probably attempting to create a turkey Crock-Pot dish, and a goat cheese and fig pizza like Jenna raved about last week at a Texas restaurant.  I saw it and decided I must have it. 


2 thoughts on “Eat Dessert First

  1. i read in sports illustrated once, an interview with an athlete who advocated eating dessert before dinner because it din’t weigh him down before bed.

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