Happy Friday!

Just got back from an awesome workout.  I killed 12 miles on the bike at levels 10, 11 and 12 respectively in just over 31 minutes, followed by 22 crusing minutes on the crosstrainer.  It was late, but it felt good.  I ❤ my gym and the fact that its 24 hours – and the fact I snagged a year membership for $200!  Can’t be that – or believe it either!

I also can’t believe the week has come, and gone.  Well, almost.  Still 3 hours of math camp and eons of homework to get through.

And I’m starting to plan my ‘big meal cookin’ recipes for the weekend.  Any suggestions/ideas?  I’m toying with the idea of cooking up a curry lentil dish that Mr. K cooked the other night back in Chicago.

Last weekend I was able to knock out Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup, Cuban Black Beans & Vegan Chili for my ‘big’ dishes as well as Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Mmm…speaking of which, I could go for some of this right now:


Don’t worry, I didn’t.  Yet 😉

Last weekend was a 3-day, so 3 big dishes was feasible.  This weekend I’m striving for two main dishes and a a good side vegetable dish.

If you’re wondering’ why I’m cooking such large meals for just one person, my answer is simply this: I’m preparing myself for periods of time during the quarter when I won’t have time to cook.  And, so to prevent myself from running to a fast food joint for a quick meal, all I will have to is take out a meal from the freezer, make a little rice/quinoa, open a bag of tortilla chips or make some toast and voila instant healthy, and delicious!, meal 🙂

I’m a type A planner, can you tell?!

So, I have chicken, black beans, pinto beans, rice, quinoa & all the spices in the world.  I’m not adverse to going and picking up more vegetables, but as for the carbs/meat, I’d prefer to stick within those parameters.  (Look at me, slipping those math terms into my blog!  Such a good mather!)

Any suggestions on what entrees & side dish I should cook this weekend?!  I’m open to any suggestions (dairy free or not, as I can usually alter in some way, shape or form)!


P.S.  Father of PhD Strides is getting ready to compete in the World Men’s 55+ Trick Skiing Finals as we speak!  Cross your fingers for two good ski passes! – Results will come tomorrow!!!


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