Extra, Extra!!

So I am currently in the middle of a serious study sesh (my final is a week from today), but I deemed this new exciting enough to take a break.

Earlier today in Seagate, Italy, Father of PhD strides completed his two trick ski passes, earning at total of 2,680 points.  These 2,680 points were enough to not only get him on the podium – but to earn him a SILVER medal at the World 35+ Water Ski Championships!  I’m sooo proud of you, Poppa!!!

This is such an accomplishment, something he’s been working hard to achieve for a while now, and I couldn’t be a more proud daughter.

If you’re wondering what exactly trick skiing is, check out this.  (I apologize for the music and video quality – and for the fact you have to turn your head to the side.)

Alright, back to the books!!!!  Though, studying is going to be hard now that I’m 100% distracted…


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