Braggin’ Rights

I wouldn’t normally do this, but I’m a proud lady right now.  Really proud…of my father!

I think its usually supposed to work the other way around, where parents boast and brag about their children, but welp, I’m 24 and its my turn to brag to the world about my father.

My father, is a trick skier.  He has water skied his whole life (slalom, barefoot & trick), but it wasn’t until about 15 years ago, when he turned 50, that he really got into trick skiing.  He started training hard, and began entering competitions.  Slowly he worked his way up, and in 2006 became the Men’s M6 (ages 60-64, I think) National Champion.  It was an amazing feat (especially if you consider the fact that he broke his neck in 2000).

Then, in summer 2007, while on a camping trip with me — just me and poppa bear — he slipped on a rock, and shattered his knee cap & tore the quads muscles off the knee joint (or however they’re connected).  Yes, it is as painful as it sounds (I don’t know personally, but I was there on the rock with him — just the two of us most of the time — for 18 hours until we were able to get him to a plane and hospital.  (If you want the full story, ask, but for now I’ll spare the details.

He had immediate surgery to piece his knee cap back together and reattach the quads, but he had to remain straight-legged for 12 weeks, without utilizing his quad muscle in any form.

Once he got the go ahead to start rehabilitating, he didn’t lose a second.  After much hard work and training to rehabilitate both legs (after he hadn’t really used either is 3 months), he was able to ski again in summer 2008, and managed to place 4th at Nationals in the Men’s M6 trick skiing class.

In 2009, he continued improving and placed 2nd in Nationals.  At this point, he set his sights higher: 2010 World’s in Italy.

And what did he do?!  This summer of 2010, the father of Phd Strides not only won regionals, state & nationals in the men’s M6 trick skiing class, but he qualified for the Men’s 55+ Trick Skiing category at the World 35+ Water Ski Championships in Seagate, Italy.

And on top of it?!  Earlier today, he skied in the prelims, and qualified for the finals on Friday.  As such I have the braggin’ rights to say:

Father of PhD Strides is a Top Ten Men’s 55+ Trick Skier in the World!

How about them apples?

Okay, I’m done now.  At least until Friday 🙂

What accomplishments are you most proud of?  For yourself?  For your friends?  For your family?


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