Europe Post #3: Melk & Passau

The next two days of our Europe journey brought us to the small towns of Melk and Passau.  Each was unique and lovely in its own way.

In Melk, we toured a beautiful Abbey.  It was breathtaking, and the views were incredible.  The food we received aboard the ship, traditional Austrian fare was incredible.  Although I can’t remember exactly what we ate everyday, I remember savoring every bite I ate at every meal.  I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in food, every day.  One of the foods we got to try, was traditional Wiener Schnitzel!  Unfortunately I wasn’t as fond of it as I had hoped.  Its kind of like milanesa in Argentina — thinly cut veal or pork, breaded and pan friend.  It was good, but I definitely ate much more delicious foods while in Melk…and during the rest of the trip 🙂

Our day in Passau, involved a tour of the town, indulging in the local beer (Passau has five breweries) at a Biergarten, and finding the best thing in the world: Milk Chocolate — made with Sheep’s Milk.  Ohmiword.  When we discovered it in a local candy store, my jaw dropped, I immediately bought a bar, and once I tasted it on the boat later that night I regretted not buying more.  If anyone can tell me where I can buy it in the states, I’ll be forever indebted.  No joke.  So, needless to say, I really enjoyed our tour of Passau — a very cute and traditional small German town.

After our two days in these adorable German towns, we boarded the boat and headed towards Rergensberg…where we ran into trouble with the flooding of the Danube — but more of that in Europe Post #4!

I hope you’re enjoying my recap of Europe (about 2 1/2 weeks late) as much as I am!  I am loving the time I get to spend looking back at all the photos and reliving all the memories and experiences we had.  If you had one place you could visit for two weeks, where would it be?!  I’m DYING to visit either Scandinavia, South Korea or Australia/New Zealand!


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