Math Camp!

I’m at math camp.  Through the 17th of September.  I can’t say much more than its a prereq for the Econ PhD program I’m in, it covers Calc I-IV, Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Matrix Algebra, Dynamic Programming & Optimization.  We meet for 3 hours a day and then do 14 hours of homework a night.  I’m not joking.

Needless to say I haven’t been eating much else but pb & j, some fruit, quit oats & more pb & j!!  Ahh the life of a grad student.  However, I have been doing this…

Pages and Pages of that.  In fact, I have already spent 3 hours today writing up problem sets.  As such, my blogging is going to be sparse, until the weekend, when I can hopefully fill you in.  welcome to the life, of a first year Phd student!!!

How is your week going so far?!  Happy hump day!


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