A Glimpse at Life in Santa Cruz

I’ve been here a few days now (said goodbye 😦 to the boyfriend eaaarly Saturday morning — we overslept, but still made it to the airport by 6:30am) and am starting to get a vibe for Santa Cruz, but I’m still not quite sure sometimes where I am.  Case in point: yesterday I learned that according to the local bros here, I am a ‘tranny.’  Definition: tranny (in Santa Cruz lingo) is a transplant, or a person not “from here.”  My life is so weird.

Moving on.

Saturday involved unpacking a little more, organizing and getting my weee little apartment’s “living room” to look something like this:

Cozy, right?!  Right.  I’ll just keep telling myself that.  Right now it feels: cramped.

Then yesterday, I woke up and had some raisin bran + almond milk and a banana.  And then embarked on what should have been an 8 mile “intro to long run” run, but ended up being a 5 mile “oh my word California has a lot of hills” run.  What felt like a normal Chicago 8 miler, was only 5 miles due to the fact that the Midwest has nothing on these hills.  wow was that an eye opener — why am I running the San Fran Marathon in October?  Why?!  Oh yes, the men in tuxes who will hand me a Tiffany’s necklace when I cross the finish line.  Must.Keep.Eye.On.Prize.

Then, for lunch I had a salad of spinach & cucumber with a red wine vinaigrette, and a tuna melt with soy cheese & tuna on a lil’ whole wheat bagel.  Delish.  Later, I had an orange for a snack.

After spending the afternoon at the laundromat, I had a light dinner of tomato soup, another lil’ bagel, roasted broccoli & an apple.  And then I headed out for my first friend-making experience in Santa Cruz!

I headed to the house of a couple of second year econ grad students where they were hosting a get together for us newbies.  It was fun, and I met a lot of really interesting people and hopefully a few people who will become good friends 🙂  There were people from all walks of life: fresh out of undergrad, international students from Peru, lots of Cali locals and a couple of ‘trannys’ like me.  I had an Imperial beer, a Belgium ale & later a Miller High Life at the bar.  I was out later than usual (got home around 12:30 — or 2:30am Chicago time), but I feel a little more ‘at home’ since I now know at least a few people in the area.  So, I made a wise decision.

Now I’m off to give my first born child, all my worldly possessions and my kidney to the California DMV all for a Cali license and car registration.  Why would I go to such extreme measures, do you ask?  Because I’ve been warned, by anyone who has every lived and/or lives in California: avoid the DMV at all costs.  I made an appointment, after much advising to do so, but I’m still not sure this is going to help.  I’m planning on spending my entire morning there, and then hopping over the gym to utilize my free week trial membership.

Wish me luck — If I come out alive, I’ll treat you to a second Europe post this afternoon!


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