Europe Post #2: Vienna & Hundertwasser

Once we boarded the River Cruise boat on the Danube in Budapest, we embarked for our first destination: Vienna, Austria.

Of all the cities we visited, I was most excited to go here.  Two of my very good friends, Kristi & Lara, lived there for a two month summer school program in college and have raved about it ever since.  One of the main highlights of Vienna Kristi emphasized to me was the Hundertwasser houses and village.  And I can say, without a doubt, that the Hundertwasser houses were one of the highlights of the whole trip for me.  For those of you who don’t know Hundertwasser, here is a taste of who he was as an artist and architect:

“Hundertwasser’s insistence that the home is a person’s third skin and should be imprinted with each individual’s personality is the architectural equivalent, in our minds, of usability engineering, a particular emphasis of IDEAS’practice. His vision of the five skins of man speaks to the organic interconnections that link not only people to their environment and to each other, but also every step in a process to the whole and every process to the project, every discipline to every other discipline.  Hundertwasser represented the organic interconnectedness of man and his environment by depicting the earth as the fifth of man’s skins. He was a deeply committed conservationist, a warrior in defense of the natural environment, and in the mid-1970s added posters with a conservationist message to his artistic repertoire. He also planted over 60,000 trees during his career (many as “tenants”  of his architectural projects) and applied his creative genius to the design of a humus toilet and an system of tiered plantings for organic water purification, with different plants removing different impurities at each level.” (source:

Other than Hundertwasser, we also got a city tour, walked the grounds of the royal palace, explore St. Stephensdom Cathedral and explored the Music & Sound Museum of Vienna.  I’m also pretty certain we walked 10+ miles.  My body killed at the end of the day, but it was 100% worth it.  And now, a tour of Vienna, via my camera lens.

Neither photos or words do Vienna justice.  Do me a favor, and try to visit someday.

P.S. I might have an obsession with Hundertwasser now.  I apologize if photos of his work randomly pop up in posts.  Seriously can’t resist his artwork.  In love.

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