Europe Post #1: Budapest

About 22 days ago, I embarked on a river cruise on the Danube for 12 days.  I quit my job, hopped on the plane with Mr. K & family, and headed across the pond to Budapest.  We spent 3 amazing days in the Hungarian city.  Here are some of the highlights — and eats 🙂

Goulash Soup!  (I bought enough paprika to make goulash for a year!)

Old gate

Sights from the market

(dried, candied strawberries…mmmmmmmm)

The Holocaust memorial

Bride across the Danube (reminds of Charles bridge in Prague)

One of the best meals of the trip: chestnut stuffed turkey breast with sour cherry sauce.  Need to replicate.  Now.

Taking photos along the Danube (courtesy of Mr. K)

Something delicious

One of the ridiculously amazing things the Hungarians do with marzipan.



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