California Girl!

I’m officially in living in California!

The month of August has flown by — I can’t believe its almost over!  I know I promised updates during the roadtrip, recapping my time in Europe, but due to lack of any internet/wireless access across most of Western USA, I  have been unable to do so.  Top that with limited to no signal at my new Santa Cruz apartment, and I’ve been smack out of luck.  But, this weekend, after Mr. K leaves to head back to Chicago (after a fabulous roadtrip including a stop in  Denver & Vegas), I will have copious amounts of time…until MATH CAMP 2010.

And with that, I’ve been unpacking/organizing for the past two days and am EXHAUSTED.  I’m hoping to get back on the running train tomorrow.  The marathon is creeeping up on me.

Any readers/bloggers in the Bay area?!  I’d LOVE to make/meet some new friends in the area!  Email me at if you live nearby!


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