Greetings from the Danube!

I cannot believe this (even as I type it), I am on the Danube River!  We left Budapest yesterday afternoon, and have been kickin’ it towards Vienna all afternoon and evening.  It’s 7:20am, and we’re about 2 hours from Vienna!  I can’t wait!

The trip thus far has been a compilation of days spent in Budapest.  We did most everything — and it was awesome.  We visited the castle, royal palace, had a wine tasting (of some not so good wine…but Hungary still does have some great ones), saw one of the largest synagogues in the world, walked a TON, and visited the baths for a relaxing morning.  All in all, its been a fabulous trip — and of course, fabulous trips comes with fabulous foods.

And fabulous foods include infamous amounts of paprika, and so naturally I bought paprika.  By the bag.  Hot paprika, sweet paprika, Hot paprika creme (there is no dairy, its just a creme).  And I was able to snag the recipe of one of Hungary’s national dishes — Goulash!  I can’t wait to share the recipe and my food indulgences with you all, but they’ll have to wait for posts on the U.S. side as loading a picture here takes about an hour…

With that, I am off to get ready for Vienna!  Much love to you all — how is your August treating you thus far?!


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