Living out of a suitcase

My apartment has been packed up, Friday the movers picked up my stuff and its on it’s way to California — without me.

And so now, I find myself living out of a suitcase (or two and like 10 other bags…) for the next month.  It weird being with out all my stuff.  I feel lonely.  And abandoned.  And I can’t wait to open my stuff up at the other end — when I have zero idea what is any box.  Anyways, its over, its done.  I have two days left of work, and I digress.

A weekend recap: Friday I stayed home from work so the movers could come by, and did some work from home — and cleaned like it was my job.  The apartment was spotless.  I’ll be honest, I don’t remember what I ate during the day — if anything.  Then, I hit up the gym for a 10 mile faaaast bike ride on the stationary bike.   I was done in 36 minutes.  I count that as fast, especially when the ‘level’ was set at between 10-13 the entire time.  SOLID.

Then I headed to Mr. K’s where we hit up SRO (Standing Room Only) for some eats.  I had a turkey burger on wheat + fried and a coke.  I totally deserved it: packing is hard on the mind and body.  Then we hit up the wine shop for a sake tasting, and got a special wine tasting of the amazing new wines in the shop (it pays to be good patrons).  Of course, we ended up buying a few bottles, one of Lumos Pinot Noir and one of Dominio.  And some delicious sake.

Then we split a different Pinot Noir whilst playing Lego Harry Potter on the Xbox.  Don’t judge, it is AWESOME.  I’m in love.

Saturday morning consisted of getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to Wilminton, IL for the US Waterski Association (USWA) Regionals competition, where my father was competing.  Let me give you a run down: in 2006, my father was the M6 (60-64) National Trick Ski Champion.  2007 he shattered his knee cap and ripped off his quads while on a camping trip with me (if you want the full story, just ask).  2008 he was 4th in Nationals.  2009 he took 2nd.  This year, we’re hoping for first!  Needless to say, yesterday he killed at Regionals for his last year in the M6 class — next year he is in M7.  Here he is doing his thang (I’m working on acquiring a video…):

If you haven’t guessed, he’s probably the coolest father ever.  Hello, how many people can say, “My father is a national champ — and he used to race cars.”  Sigh.  I will never be that cool.

Needless to say, we went down to the tourny, saw his awesome 40 seconds of skiing, and then hit up some random buffet, Coyote Canyon, in Bourbonais, IL.  Didn’t know it was a buffet, but it wasn’t too shabby.  I had some pulled pork, some bbq ribs, steamed broccoli, salad and fruit.  And some jelly beans for dessert (since I couldn’t have the soft serve :().

Then Saturday night, Mr. K and I reheated some frozen chili and made some rice while enjoying a New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red.  I don’t believe New Glarus exports (you might want to check it out), but if you’re ever in the Madison, WI area, you must go to New Glarus for a tour, and beer.  It is to DIE for.  They use more cherries than I want to know to make this beer, and man is it incredible.

This morning I woke up and had Super Protein Oats around 8:30, and at 9:45 I took off for a long run.  I was planning on 14, but was willing to shorten it to 12 if it was too much.  End result?  I ended up doing 13.1 miles, because I saw the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathoners running, and decided that was a good distance.  I did a slow run.  I was dehydrated (I can’t drink beer or wine the night before a long run — must.drink.more.water).  I ended up doing the 13.1 in 2:15, about 7 minutes slower than my half marathon race in 2008.  But it was much hotter, more humid and I was dehydrated, so around mile 8, my leg started cramping and my run went from a solid 9:15/mile, to about 10:30/mile.  But, I got over the 10 mile hump I was terrified of, and have an awesome tan/burn lines to show off.  During my run I ate the following: a Clif Shot Block at miles 4,6,8,10, and I had two at mile 12.  It was a good break down, and kept providing little boosts of energy.  And then after the run, I had two mini Luna bars.  And I’ve been chugging water like its my job.

Then Mr. K and I headed to Chipotle for lunch after I showered.  I had the barbacoa fajita burrito bowl with guac.  Perfection.  And Arnie Palmers.  Hit the spot 🙂

Now I’m off to find new walking shoes for Europe (we leave on Wednesday), pack and prepare for my final two days of work — WEEE!!!

What did you do this weekend?


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