Official last Thursday!

Last night Mr. K and I enjoyed some angelfood pasta tossed in lightly sauteed garlic and red pepper flakes and olive oil with some nice baked chicken.  I added a lil salt n peppa to mine, because I’m not the biggest fan of pasta (in general), and I usually use red sauce to mask the taste.  And what did I think?  It was simple, yet delicious.  And Mr. K is a fabulous chef.  He can cook for me any day.

Then we headed over to the new condo of one of his teacher friends for apps, drinks and a housewarming party.  I was super excited at the eats, because they eat vegan, so I knew I could eat everything!  I indulged in a few handfulls of puppy chow (heaven…I will be making this again…soon.   Possibly for roadtrip to CA, but I’ll have to convince Mr. K he cannot eat it in the car.).  I also had a few Club crackers with the spinach & aspargus dip, some fresh veggies with the vegan ranch dip and about 2 glasses of a less than impressive Pinot Grigio Mr. K & I picked up from the local wine shop.  I will not be picking up that wine again.  It smelled awful, tasted better than it smelled, but was not a good wine.

This morning I realized I had left some of my gym gear at work, so I opted to sleep in — best.idea.ever — and walk the two miles to work from Mr. K’s, adding on an extra mile to my normal walking portion of my commute from my apartment.  On the way I stopped at Caribou for a soy cappuccino, which I ended up throwing out about halfway through due to the awfully burnt coffee (at least I only paid half price for it since they messed it up!), and then stopped an Einstein’s for a bagelwich of eggs & turkey sausage.  I wanted egg whites, but they were out, so I just had an extra large breakfast today.  I also dug into a delicious orange at work.

Now I’m at work, staring at the bear walls of my cubicle.   I’m slowly packing up my books, notes, personal belongings.  I can’t believe I am only coming into the office two more mornings (tomorrow since the movers are coming I’ve gotten the a-okay to work from home).  Its really here, I’m really becoming a graduate student.  Cue the spaz session — OMG  I’m going to be a student again in a month!!!!!!!!!

Now, deep breaths…


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