Its late, I’m sitting in my half empty apartment — my roommate moved out all the furniture this morning while I was at work.  I’m sweating like a pig (apparently I forgot I have this thing called air conditioning since my landlord put in the window unit?!  turning on….NOW) and I don’t know if I can find the motivation to pack the last few items.

I seriously just want it to pack itself…or wait to tackle it in the morning.  But the movers are coming at 7am.  So…I

Dinner was a repeat of dinner for like the last three nights: chicken + vegan cheese + broccoli + bruschetta sauce — its all gone, don’t worry.  It won’t appear again.  And I had a vegan muffin.  And some cookies.  And perhaps some chocolate.  And some sorbet.  I’m dying here people, dying.  I think I’ve burned like 50394820 calories just packing and hauling.  I”m going to be soooore tomorrow.

I must get back to it.  The items haven’t grown legs yet 😦  I’ll let you know if they do!!!  Happy Thursday — in 8 hours my stuff will officially be en route to Northern California!!!!  Can’t wait to unpack it all in a month — I hope I labeled things well 😉


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