A much needed brewsky

I wish I had photos to post, but to be honest — I have no idea where my camera is.  Lucky for you, my eats for the past few days haven’t been exciting at all… because i’m using up my entire pantry and fridge.  So you’re not missing much 🙂  A little synopsis:

Yesterday’s lunch was a salad with a hard boiled egg from and a whole wheat roll I snagged from the grocer.  I also had an orange, apple and fruit snacks for snacks throughout the day.  Mm. Mm. Good.

As a pre-workout snack I had a Lemon Zest Luna bar.  Soooooo good.  Then I hit the gym, for an awesome speed workout!  I did 15 minutes warming up at an 8:57 min/mile speed.  Then I did 12 one minute sprints at 6:47 with 1 minute jogs in between each spring at an 8:44 min/mile.  I ended up running a solid 5 miles in 40:03.  Just off my last 8k race pass — it felt awesome!  And I definitely could’ve kept going.

Post-workout dinner was  some reheated pan-fried chicken with more leftover bruschetta topping and some frozen broccoli with melted vegan cheese on top.  And a grape G2 Gatorade for electrolytes.

And last night, Mr. K came over with a bike wrench he so wonderfully purchased to help me get off that second bike pedal.  Well.  That pedal was definitely wrenched on there (I know, cheesy pun) and we ended up doing some damage to the bike, which we will have to take care of after I move to California.  But, even though the bike crank shaft might be damaged, we did get the pedal off so it can be moved…I guess that’s a partial success?  I am just praying it doesn’t cost much to fix the bike.  At least we finally won the battle against the pedals.

Due to the stress caused by the bikes, I decided to indulge in a much needed beer.  In case you didn’t know, at the beginning of August I decided to forgo the beer drinking for my marathon training for all the problems it causes my tummy.  But last night, with the stress of getting that pedal off, and the potential damage to my bike and wallet had me reeling, and an ice cold brewsky sounded incredible.

As such, we found a Blue Moon & Goose Island Summertime in the fridge.  I enjoyed the former, Mr. K in the latter.   And then watched some Pushing Daisies and hit the hay.  Bikes are exhausting.


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