Its my second to last Monday of work — what?!  Sooo hard to believe that my last day is finally approaching!

After struggling for multiple hours last night to get my pedals off my bike so I can pack it up for the move on Friday, I partially succeeded in getting off one pedal.  But one pedal remains, with many battle wounds and ruined wrenches staring me in the face.

Tonight I shall try again…though the boyfriend might pick me up a pedal wrench from a bike store…and maybe that will cure my woes.  We shall see, we shall see.

This morning’s breakfast was Speacial K Protein Plus cereal with almond milk, a tbsp of peanut butter and some mango sorbet with orange juice.  Yes, I had mango sorbet for breakfast — I have no fruit, and 2 pints of sorbet left, so I justified that it counted as my morning ‘fruit’ serving 🙂

For snack this morning (during a conference call), I had Wildwood Probiotic Soymilk.  I had tried the blueberry flavor last week, and this morning I indulged in the Pomegranate.

Verdict?!  I’m in LOVE.  Its vegan, has 7 live & active cultures, has 30% of my daily calcium & vitamin D, 0% Cholesterol, 0g trans fat, is free of gluten & dairy, has 7 grams of protein and comes in at about 190 calories.  A little more than my average snack, but today I was haaaangry.

The only downside?  The 22g of sugar.  Might have to rethink — but I still love it.  And at least the sugar comes from evaporated cane juice and the fruit juice?!

Regardless, I will continue to indulge in these — if only for a treat.  And possibly consider breaking them into a 2-day snack.

On a side note, Danica’s Daily is having a giveaway for a $200 Shopping Spree at any CSN store!  Check it out here!


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