A Late Indian Wednesday

Apologies for the hiatus.  This past weekend was Julia‘s wedding weekend!  I had the honor of being the maid of honor to an amazing woman and one of my best friends.  Wedding posts will come (both here and on her blog), but while I sort through the mess of photos and things that happened, a flash back to last Wednesday, and a post I’ve been meaning to write…

Although it wasn’t planned as such, last week Mr. K and I took part in Indian Food Wednesday (a la Fitnessista)!

Mr. K made secret date night Wednesday plans, and took me to one of the best Indian restaurants in Chicago, Veerasway.  We’ve been there a few times before, and it has never disappointed.  Tonight was no different.

We started off with the complimentary bean chips and dips (not quite sure what they are — but the reddish one and green one are phenomenal.  I can’t eat the white :))

I ate most of the basket.  They are so good and incredibly light.  I wish they sold them in bulk.  I would buy them everyday.

Then we got the pickled trio of pickled onions, chicken thigh and cauliflower, to try something new of the menu.  The pickled chicken thighs were surprisingly incredible, but both Mr. K and I decided we could definitely do without the cauliflower and onions.

We also indulged in a double order of the vegetable samosas.  Mouthwatering delight.  I would go back, and just eat samosas for a meal.  No joke.

Seriously incredible.  Just look at that samosa.  Doesn’t it make you want one?!  It makes me want more…hmmm.  Indian for dinner?!

For my entree, I ordered the sides of eggplant and lentils with a side of rice.  It was too much food, so this was my portion (plus another 1/2 portion)

And, because I’m trying to make my point and shoot camera do as best as it can, here are the lentils, up close and personal (taken with my macro setting)

Pretty good for a point and shoot, if I do say so myself.

With dinner, Mr. K enjoyed a Pimm’s cocktail and I enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay.  Hit the spot.

Needless to say, we left the restaurant with food babies, but completely content with the incredible fare that we had just indulged in.  I will definitely be missing this place as I move west.  And will definitely return during my trips to the Chi.

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