Thai Me Up, Roll Me Home

Last night I had dinner with a college friend of mine, who I had not seen in FIVE YEARS.  That’s right five years.  I’m extremely bad at keeping in contact, and when she transferred after her sophomore, my freshman, year at Hope College, we would talk sporadically but until tonight our physical paths never crossed.

So, for our get together, we went to Mama Thai.  I had been there once before with my brother, sister-in-law and brother’s best friend (CK) and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was glad to have the opportunity to return before venturing off to Cali.

I ordered the Tom Kho (a delightful soup), the ginger chicken with rice and mango sorbet for dessert.  While most of the meal was ravenously consumed as I hadn’t really eaten much since brunch (Mr. K and I met up for brunch this morning @ Corner Bakery), I did manage to snap a photo of this:

Mango sorbet — delish! (yes that’s whipped cream, and yes, I ate around it)  (sorry its blurry…camera phone).

And Leslie had this:

Strawberry Japanese Mochi — she LOVED it.

I consumed it all, and I am now stuffed to the hilt.  So much that I wanted to roll home — but instead, I got to hop in my car and drive home!  (Love having my car.)

And as I wanted to be rolled home, I came up with the name for my future Thai/Japanese restaurant: Thai Me Up, Roll Me Home.  So though I probably won’t be starting a restaurant any time soon, let me know if you want to take the name.  All I ask in return is free food for life.

This morning I had a defrosted whole wheat brueggers bagel with 1 egg + 1 egg white and an apple.

And now, I’m off to werk.  8 days left 🙂


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